The Source of Illuminati’s Power is Thought Reading Technology

- Gang stalking and electronic harassment has developed throughout the world based on though reading technology -
-Final revision date: April 18th 2017 (Tues) -


 This article fully uncovers why the Illuminati are capable of exercising world dominance. The influence of the Illuminati peaked between the end of the Second World War and 2010. People who resisted them were always legally obliterated. Now is the time for the whole world to overcome their taboos. People of the world, be sure to spread this truth!

Thought reading technology has been used to the full in new world order plots.

 The source of the Illuminati’s power is thought reading technology, which is one of the technologies with which our gang stalking victims is receiving damage. 

 The technological foundations of thought reading technology are the voice transmission technologies for which the American army acquired patents in 1976. As explained in Wikipedia, these are generally known as Microwave Auditory effects (Frey effect). This is a technology in which sounds inaudible to others are transmitted to certain people. As an extension of this, it is possible for thoughts to be transmitted as well. Generally, in terms of the inventions of mankind, this can be considered a malicious invention to rival that of nuclear weapons.

gang stalking/electronic harassment is the source of new world order pressure

 The Illuminati developed gang stalking/electronic harassment, based on thought reading technology, as a legal method of obliterating humans. Since the 1960s, a section has been partitioned in the American government for the development of this knowhow, through the infiltration of associates of the Illuminati. The Illuminati have sacrificed people throughout the world while developing this. By exercising this knowhow, it is easy to drive their targets to suicide. It is thought that many people have been the victims of this. This has become a function of the new world order plots they are pushing as the source of pressure to reduce the population and obliterate their enemies.

Even famous celebrities have fallen victim to the Illuminati

 Assassinations using the knowhow of gang stalking/electronic harassment are said to have emerged mainly since the 1990s. The majority of ordinary citizens are pushed into suicide or fall victims of crimes. Some are said to be forcibly admitted to psychiatric hospitals. The main objective of this is the undermining of social credibility.

 Even before this, assassinations were clearly taking place using guns and drugs. John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Michael Jackson may be said to be cases of this. There are also those who thing Marilyn Monroe falls under this category as well. In Japan, physical assassinations do not take place, but in America, it is thought that such direct killings have occurred. For the Illuminati assassinations, which were previously thought to be the stuff of urban legend, the cases of assassination spread on the Net seem to be virtually all factual.

The cities in developed democratic countries seem to be virtually all within the range of Illuminati thought reading

 In Japan, the specific new religious groups said to be involved in harmful activity are comprehensively developing their electronic harassment activities in the cities. In this way, they always have a structure where they can read the thoughts of the cities within that zone. In America as well, the same kind of scenario is envisaged. They are probably developing facilities that will allow them to perform electronic harassment over the whole country. Currently, the urban areas in developed democratic countries are all facing the same situation. The reason that they are able to achieve world domination is due to the development of this kind of thought reading. It is necessary, therefore, to ban the simple possession of devices that can perform thought reading in the same way as for guns and knives, as well as clarifying and institutionalizing the law related to use microwave radar wave areas.

Rush to form international treaties for regulating gang stalking and electronic harassment
Unless there is regulation at an early stage, there is no future for mankind

Hostility of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families against the Illuminati and working towards a resolution structure

 Finally, it seems that President Obama, with the cooperation of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, last year, conducted a compulsory investigation into the Illuminati. This made it possible for the two families, who had previously financed the Illuminati, to go against them. Baron Jacob Rothschild spend his life battling the Illuminati and swore to save victims of gang stalking and electronic harassment. Currently, within the same family, he is at the stage of competing for financing with those people swearing allegiance to the Illuminati. They are being forced into a large-scale erosion of assets.

In 911 terror attacks, security staff and Islamic extremists were remotely controlled through thought reading and intervention of consciousness by Illuminati

 If thought reading and intervention of consciousness can be used in electronic harassment, any situation can be caused. This was discovered in the final stage of exposing the Illuminati, the 911 terror attacks were the result of obtaining the situation of the security staff through thought reading, and remotely controlling the Islamic extremists using intervention of consciousness, in order to succeed in their terrorist plot by finding the blind spots in security. Normally, the influence of terrorism would be completely exposed by the American army. This seems to be the truth of 911.


This is a request to all of you throughout the world. Please hurry to spread this truth that the source of the power of the Illuminati is in this thought reading technology!! Currently, former President Obama and President Trump are working tirelessly to expose them. Without exposing them, it will be impossible for freedom in the world and democracy to continue. We sincerely ask for your cooperation. I would like to close this article by praying that ours will soon be a society rich in human rights where no one in the world is forced to suffer thought reading.


Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan

- The document submitted to Mr. Mendez of the UN -
-Final revision date: October 21th 2015 (Wed) -


The following is the document submitted to Mr. Juan E. Mendez (The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment).

Submitted day: August 9, 2013

Presenter: Terukatsu Ishibashi (The Chief Director of the Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization in Japan)

Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan

I am the chairman of the Board of Directors Technological Crime victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization, Terukatsu Ishibashi.
Today, I came here to inform you, Mr. Juan E. Mendez, about the current situation of the victims of covert harassment and overt harassment in Japan.
Firstly, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, Ms. Rhonda Pence, and Mr. Derrick Robinson of FFCHS, the organizers of this meeting, who gave us this opportunity for the first time.

It has been 15 years since this NPO’s private organization was established. During the 15 years, we held not only 137 regular meetings in Tokyo, where the main office is located, but we also held meetings all over Japan, such as in Sapporo, Aomori, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa, trying to understand the real situation of the damage.
In addition, the 17-page detailed survey we ask our members to respond when they join us has contributed to grasp the real situation of the damage. We have collected the responses from more than 1000 victims and finished totaling answers from 815 people. What I am going to talk about today is based on the total results. As a result of these activities, we have become capable of understanding the real situation of covert and overt harassments to a great extent. I am certain that what I am going to tell you about the situation in Japan will be some reference to you, too.
So, I would like to start with the reason I started organizing this kind of meeting before I start explaining about both harassments which also serves as an introduction of myself.
I realized that I was a victim of covert harassment when I experienced concentrated attacks that used invisible tactics starting May 17, 1995. The attack continued until the spring in the following year. Before the series of attacks, I had been receiving overt harassment since 1991 as a preliminary step. As the harassment escalated, my tap water became abnormal on May 17, 1995. My anger flared up when I thought about those who were harassing me with water, which was important to human beings. Back then, I could not even imagine that an invisible technology could make people sense an abnormality in the tap water, so I was seriously concerned about contamination of the water. When image transmittance was added, I was totally played by them. In other wards, I seriously believed that I could not drink the tap water at home. I drove around looking for water with 20-liter plastic containers in the car. Soon, image transmission directly to my brain started. The images were divided in two sides, one was attacking and the other was protecting. One of them was an image that when I start putting water in the container from the faucet in the public park, somebody sends electric waves to make the water abnormal. The other one was that they have many people making coils to make an electric wave transmitter to interfere the harmful electric waves with counter electric waves. The image of the press conference to announce the completion of the transmitter was sent, too. However, when they are about to use it, it failed and the image was changed to the one in which they started all over again to make the transmitter. I never thought that those images were fictions so that I seriously believed them and was played by them. As the water abnormality related images were escalated and changed, I thought those were true and kept moving all over Japan for a half year. Though, it finally became certain for me that covert harassment is true through these concentrated attacks. I thought that the only way to protect myself is to write a book about my experience and published my book, “Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon!” I began selling the book on July 13, 1997, putting advertisement on Mainichi Newspaper. Since the book was published privately, I could not use established distribution channels, so I kept putting advertisements on newspapers once a month for about a half-year and asked book stores to sell my book one by one. I managed to sell 800 books in that year.

Through my book, I made connection with 24 people who claimed to be the victims of similar harassments. We agreed that this issue could not be solved by an individual; therefore, I addressed the launch of club and started the “Electric Wave Abuse Victims’ Society”, the origin of the NPO based on the approval of 14 people. The name was changed twice later and we
decided to use the current name at the time we changed the club to a NPO in 2007 and lead to the present. Currently, we have more than 360 members. It is important that I, myself, am a victim and I became confident about the covert harassment due to the concentrated attacks. Without the confidence, I think I could not have founded the society and managed to maintain it. Not
to mention there was no way that I could openly appeal to outsiders. Consequently, there is no doubt that firm belief about the harassment is very important in this problem.
Now, I would like to start explaining the outline of harassments. The base used to put everything together is the table I published in my book, “Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon!” I was able to make such a table from my own experience only. We have been using this table as the base of improvement since we launched the society.

Table 1. Electric Wave Abuses Based on Experience

I. Abuses on People
1. Intervention to the brain ① peek into one’s mind, ② transmit images and intentions, ③ image insertion, ④ turn a person into a maniac, ⑤ intervention to one’s thoughts, ⑥ brain sharing (importance of lie detector completion and peeking during sleep, ⑦ suppression and activation of thoughts, ⑧ suppression and alteration of decision, ⑨ dream manipulation and ⑩ oblivion and ecollection (manipulation of memory)

2. Manipulation of Instinct ① appetite manipulation, ② sexual desiremanipulation and ③manipulation of desire to sleep

3. Manipulation of Emotion ① manic-depressive manipulation, ②amplification and relief of hatred ③ make one nervous ④ love manipulation and ⑤ impulse manipulation

4. Manipulation of Physical Functions ① excretion manipulation, ② body odor, ③ gas generation, ④ fatigue manipulation, ⑤ sleep paralysis, ⑥ motor function manipulation, ⑦ illness, ⑧ allergization, ⑨ motion sickness, ⑩ itch and numbness manipulation ⑪ make one’s habit worse ⑫ handwriting manipulation ⑬ loosening one’s lacrimal grand

II. Abuses on Equipment
1. Signal Control, 2. Phone Control, 3. Word Processor Control, 4. Copier Control, 5. TV and Radio Control, 6. Control of the Vehicle Engine Condition

III. Abuses on Natural Environment
1. Weather Control, 2. Water Disturbance, 3. Plant Growth Disturbance, 4. Wind Development (Tornedo Development) 5. Wave Development 6. Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption

Overt Harassment

I am going to explain the real situation of harassments based on the result total of questionnaire survey collected from 815 members. I start with overt harassment. The questionnaire survey conducted by the NPO describes 35 overt harassments and asks you to circle ones you are experiencing or experienced. The 35 items are the following:

Tapping and secret photographing, following (shadowing and stalking) and watch-keeping by people, following and watch-keeping using a car, following and watch-keeping with motorcycle, silent phone calls, threatening phone call, phone disturbance, house breaking, trespassing, loss of money and goods in the house, location change of money and goods in the house, throwing objects into the site, throwing objects into the house, house burglary, site ravaging, dumping dead animals in or around the premise, dumping feces in or around the premise, rape, assault, threatening, cussing, suspicious behavior, hostile attitude (i.e. glaring and spitting), suspicious behavior of the neighbors, suspicious behavior of the people at work, suspicious behavior of the police, gossips, bill distribution, ostracism (isolation), intervention to your PC, suspicious emails, failure of electrical devices, malfunction of electrical devices, malfunction of fluorescent lights, malicious mischief on your vehicle, bike or motorcycle, uncontrollable vehicle, an attack with alien substance when you are driving, malfunction of a car door, undelivered mail, suspicious treatment when you are shopping, suspicious behavior, attitude and the content of the program from TV caster or radio personality that gives you an impression of a personal attack

Table 2 shows the total results. However, there are too many items, so we divide them into 12 categories to explain for easier understanding.

· Following (Stalking)
· Hostility
· Suspicious Behavior of the Neighbors
· Phone Related Harassment
· Failure or Malfunction of Electric Devices
· Trespassing
· Harassment on Vehicles (Car, Bike and Motorcycle)
· Undelivered mails
· Suspicious (dubious) Treatment Experienced During Shopping
· Suspicious Behavior, Attitude and the Content of the Program from TV Caster or Radio Personality
· Implications at Work, etc.
· Tapping and Secret Photographing
I would like to explain each of them.

1. Following
First is following (stalking) harassment. It is a persistent kind of following, which starts as soon as you leave your house and they keep following you one after another. Normally, the victim encounters the next “hostility” at his/her destinations after “following”, and it makes the victim believe that the offender knows where he/she goes next. After all, the victim has no choice but believes his/her entire life is being watched.

2. Hostility
Hostility is executed with following. The victim experiences incidents of glaring, spitting, cussing (abuse) in passing, blocking of the path etc. more frequently. It happens even when you are our in your vehicle and it seems accurate to use an expression, “gang up” due to the number of people following you. Therefore, traffic jams occur all the time, and the offender makes it worse by controlling signals. Such sudden hostile attacks give significant psychological damage to the victim. It is not strange if a person who had peaceful life until yesterday becomes a target of hostile attacks and starts panicking. The hostile attack is so intense that it makes us wonder that the goal of the offender is to send the victim to a mental hospital.

3. Suspicious Behavior of the Neighbors
As a result of the questionnaire survey, many victims suspect their neighbors to be the main body of the crime. Abnormal incidents, such as unusual noise comes from the next door, too many visitors to the next door, sudden change of attitude, the neighbor watch you leave home and close their door loudly as you pass by, the trash he/she placed at the collection place is brought back to the house, your garden tree is cut, dumping trash, feces and dead animals in your premise, every house in the neighborhood repeatedly hangs yellow laundry items outside to dry. There is nobody who can remain peaceful if these incidents are repeated persistently.

4. Phone Related Harassment
Phone related harassment starts, along with the others. Those are silent phone calls, 1-ring calls, nuisance phone calls, abnormal noise from the phone, phone rings when you try to do something, disconnection during a conversation, the phone rings in one-hour intervals while asleep, outgoing call history that you did not make, malfunction, hear a voice that blames you during the subtle pause that the person you are speaking makes, etc. almost all victims believe their phones are tapped. Regarding phone related harassment, it seems possible to get help from the police or phone companies (NTT, KDDI etc.) to identify the offender if you record the date and time and phone number of each incident. However, I have not received any report of being able to get help from such organizations.

5. Failure or Malfunction of Electric Device
The victims also encounter a failure or malfunction of electric devices. In order to fix or buy a new one, they are forced to waste their time and money. Especially, PC malfunctions or failures are increasing nowadays, and some victims have stopped using PCs. It makes us imagine the existence of a specialized department that can control a victim’s PC from distance. When your electronic device fails, you call the customer support center, but they respond to you in a way that make you suspicious if they have been waiting for you to call. Therefore, we think that there may be a special group to harass people that commits in both causing PC failure and pretend to be customer service window. It thoroughly trains the staff to cause malfunctions and to respond to the victim’s request for a consultation, cause failure or malfunction from a distance and drive the victim into a corner by responding senselessly to the victim’s request for consultation. Some victims have been trying to keep and record the evidence, but we have cases in which the recording device broke down or the recording was deleted.

6. Trespassing
Here, nonsensical things occurs repeatedly, for example, things in the house change the location without the knowledge of the owner, lost things, the thing lost days ago comes out from the other place, broken locks, clothes are sewn, volume of the cosmetics decrease too fast or too slow, the room is wet, dust scattered all over the room, a newspaper is rolled up into shape of genitals and left in the room, food in the refrigerator is eaten, etc. Victims of this harassment cannot leave their house, since every time they leave the house they recognize some alterations. It continues even after they make a contract with a security company, so most of them cancel the contract. It seems that such obstinate trespassing is aiming to inflict psychological damage on the victims by letting them know that somebody was in the house.

7. Harassment on Vehicles (Car, Bike and Motorcycle)
There are reports of deflated tires, punctured tires, a sudden total failure of the car, a claim that somebody drew a hand that shows V-sign over the speed meter, as well as a fake accident.

8. Undelivered mails
Many victims send letters that reports the harassment and asking for help, but are very skeptical if those mails are truly delivered. About 20 % of the victims reported about undelivered mails and parcels via post office and home delivery services. We found that the all three letters, registered mail, express mail and regular mail, we sent to Mr. Soichiro Okuno, the member of the House of Representative in April, May and June, were not delivered. We asked his secretary to write a letter and sent it to the president of Japan Post Network Company with the certificate of content. We received a report of delivery in writing, but those three letters are still missing. Knowing what happened to our activity, there is no wonder that the members become more anxious.

9. Suspicious Treatment Experienced During Shopping
This is a type of harassment that the victim is treated impolitely at the register of a super market or home center, the service counter of the bank, post office or public office, a dining room, a restaurant, hair salon and others even though they are customers. The victim demands explanation when it happens, but they arrange people to observe it so that they can put the one assigned to do the job under the pressure that if he/she did not follow the direction, the person, too, would suffer violent harassment later.

10. Implication or Suspicious Attitude from TV Caster or Radio Personality
Some report that TV caster or radio personality implies something related to the victim’s privacy, use what the victim said or did at home in the TV program or peek them from the TV. In the digital broadcasting era, we need to be concerned about the fact that a special program is transmitted to the victim only. We are hoping that the perusal system will be established at the National Diet Library, so that all TV/ radio programs broadcasted nationwide are recorded and be able to review anytime when any suspicion occurs.

11. Implications at Work
There are an increasing number of victims who report implications of their privacy, which only the victim should know, by their coworker. Many people did not have a choice but resign their jobs due to the combination of the implication and harassment. However, there is a case that one of our members who won the trial at the court of final appeal using the recording on his IC recorder as the evidence. The case is a good reference.

12. Tapping and Secret Photographing
In order to coordinate these harassments that I have just explained, the offender must be able to read the victim’s activities. Therefore, overwhelming number of victims suspect tapping and secret photographing. We hire private detectives to investigate this matter, but they were unsuccessful. Thus, we begin to realize that considerably sophisticated monitoring technologies are used.

In addition to the explanation about overt harassments, I want to mention the fact that the victims are experiencing multiple harassments continuously. There is no doubt that these harassments are organized crimes since they are impossible to execute individually. I believe that observing overt harassment from its characteristics would help us better understand the real nature of the crime. So, I would like to explain the characteristics now.

We have found 11 characteristics of overt harassments from our survey.

1. Group Activity: This is a characteristic of harassing a certain individual as a group. This characteristic alone can indicate that overt harassment is an organized crime. Even though it is a senseless action, when you file a suit, you end up being asked, ‘Why so many people have to harass you?’, ‘Are you a very special person?’, ‘Who is paying the cost of use so many people? and ‘Isn’t it your paranoia?’ in reality.

2. Stalking: This is a characteristic that constantly follows a certain individual quietly. Not only while the victim is out, but also follows around even he/she is in the house and make a trouble with a superb timing. It is unbelievable in common-sense terms.

3. Continuous and Repetitive: The harassment lasts persistently 24 hours and 365 days a year.

4. Calculated Timing: The harassment often occurs at a superb timing. For example, the phone rings when you are just about to do something, electrical devices near you make a strange noise every time you move around the house, you hear foot steps from the floor above as you walk on the lower floor, and every time you go to the bathroom you hear somebody go to the bathroom next door. If it ends after a couple of times, it does not feel strange, but it is continuous and quite abnormal.

5. Monitoring: Harassing action with such a great timing cannot be done without monitoring the victim. Therefore, the victim have no choice but believe that somebody is monitoring him/her and hires a private investigator for tapping or secret photographing. Because they cannot find any evidence, we started to believe that considerably sophisticated tapping/secret photographing technology is in use.

6. Systematic: The superb timing of the harassment, which is not so unimportant like somebody peeps in the victim’s life and makes nuisance action, made us start believing that the offender reads victim’s behavior ahead of time and the type of the harassment is programmed in the system to automatically implement the operation. Harassments toward individuals have been highly developed.

7. Organized: Many victims move from place to place in order to escape from the harassment, but it is clear from the testimonies from those victims that harassment continues at the new location. Some moved from Kanto to Hokkaido, Hokkaido to Okinawa, Kanto to Tohoku or Kanto to Kansai, but the situation remained. Also, the victims live all over Japan. Consequently, it is obvious that overt harassments are operated by the crime groups organized nationwide.

8. Networking: The organizations that spread nationwide make their communication network dense and harass victims no matter where they try to escape. Therefore, good communication network is essential for them.

9. Manualized: Since there are victims of similar harassment globally, we think that manuals exist and the offenders are operating based on the manuals.

10. Historical: We have learned from the survey that we have a history of overt harassments that is over 40 years.

11. Preposterousness: The 10 characteristics listed above are all extremely preposterous, and this preposterousness can bind all these characteristics.

The 11th characteristic of preposterousness is especially important. If the harassment is within the bounds of common sense, there would always be somebody who helps the victim. The family member can listen to the victim’s story and friends can help, too. Police, lawyers, executive officers and politicians would listen to you and do something about it. However, the more preposterous the harassment is, the less people will listen to you. The main body of the crime is well aware of the fact, and we started understanding their strong intention to never do a kind of harassment within the bounds of common sense and focus on being senseless. It is extremely important that we clarify such intention of the main body of harassment.
On the other hand, victims become isolated because nobody listens to their complaints about such preposterous harassment. They are cornered and what is left for them is to commit suicide, be taken into the mental hospital or take self-defense measures. It has become to our knowledge that such ending is the picture the main body of the crime has drawn. The achievement of the NPO’s activities is the clear understanding of the crime organization’s strong intention and the picture they have drawn. Also, it is related to covert harassment.

Covert Harassment

Next, I would like to explain covert harassment. We believe that invisible electromagnetic waves and ultrasounds are used as medium. Covert harassment is a crime that uses such medium to attack and control its target’s mind and body accurately from a distance. Like overt harassment, the NPO stated the following 40 items on the questionnaire survey and ask the member to circle the ones they are experiencing or have experienced.

Hear a voice, hear a noise, see images, my thoughts are read by somebody, intervention to the consciousness, suppression and activation of the brain activity, unnatural dreams, anxiety of mind being violated, overeating, a poor diet, sexual excitement, loss of vitality, insomnia, sleep disturbance, strong sleepiness, mania, depression, amplified fear or anxiety, elevated suspicion, incontrollable impulse, amplified hatred, nervousness, diffident, zooming eyes, loss of eye sight, loss of hearing, hear a voice from a distance, loss of sense of smell, sense strange smell, loss of taste, strange feeling left in the mouth after eating, feel of touch on the genitals, feel of insertion in the anal, tightening or numb feeling on the head, headache, feel like the head is wrapped with something soft, feels like something is implanted in the head, extreme fatigue, feel like an electricity ran through the body, constipation, diarrhea, incontinence of urine and feces, slackness of anus, manipulation of excretory function such as poor excretion, the muscle moves against his/her will, listless feeling, strong body odor, gas,excessive perspiration, sudden fluctuation of pulse, unusual (food poisoning, drunkenness, motion sickness, cols symptoms-(coughs, sneezing, nasal inflammation etc.), a burn, vibration of the surroundings, vibration of the body, sleep paralysis, sensation of body tic (splattering), pain in organs such as a heart, pain in genitals, pain of something piercing through the body, sensation of burn on the back of eyeballs, bizarre air, pain of impact from air
bullets, fainting

As a result, I could make the following table. This, too, has so many items that I would like to explain by dividing them into 11 categories.

1. Harassment of Voice and Image Transmission: This is a typical covert harassment since 58% of the responders complained voice transmission and 65% complained about the noise transmission. Image transmission is 32%, less than voice and noise transmission, but can be considered as an abuse of same information transmission technology. Therefore, I am explaining about them together. As you have already known well, it is a harassment that makes you hear a sound in your head or hear a voice in the space even though there is nobody around you. The contents of the voice varies, for example, name calling, such as “Fool” and “Ugly”,
order or threat, such as “Cut your wrist”, “Jump and fall”, “Kill yourself”, “If you do not do what I say, I will hurt your family” and “Go to a certain place”, words that sound like the person is peeking what you are doing in the bathroom, an annotation for what you are doing, the voice reads the book that you are reading, answer to the thoughts in your head and interactive communication with the voice.
Harassments by sound are the sound of piano in the midnight, sound of drum, shattering sound, sound of slamming the door, high pitch noise, low pitch noise, etc.
Majority of victims who report harassment of voice testify that they hear the voice all the time as long as they are awake. Also, many of them confessed that they were manipulated by the voice in the beginning.
There is a possibility that the victim will take a huge risk by following the orders from the voice; for example, the victim is ordered to go the broadcasting station and do so, ordered to cut his/her wrist and do so or ordered to jump and fall and do so. So, this is a terrifying harassment.

2. Manipulation of three desires: The result of questionnaire survey shows that the most common covert harassment is sleep disturbance. About 69% of the members report this harassment saying that a voice wakes them up, cannot sleep because of the pain, some kind of awakening technology is being used. We can assume that manipulation of desire to sleep is implemented. There were a few people who could not sleep at all for almost a month and had to be admitted to the hospital. Sleep disturbance is one of the methods used to torture people; therefore, this is considered as a torture. As for the manipulation of sexual desire, Mr. Barrie Trower, whom you already know very well, testified that electronic wave of 6.6Hz can induce violent sexual drive, so I would
like to leave it to that.

3. Manipulation of Physiology: It is evident that they can freely manipulate physiology, such as incontinence, gas generation, diarrhea, hardness and softness of feces, body odor. Since I experienced stalking, which made me feel a slight need of using bathroom day and night, I believe that it has a stalking characteristic, in other words, it works not only at a certain place but wherever you go. The stalking nature is so strong that it does not leave alone and make you believe that it is your natural self.

4. Manipulation of Body and Motor Function: This is a harassment, which your body movement is controlled against your will. People notice it when your neck and limbs are moved against your will, so it is very troublesome. It sometimes controls all muscles related to excretion freely, and shows its amazing manipulative ability. We believe that it can easily control you to feel like your athletic ability improved all of the sudden or not to let you have positive results no matter how much you practice. We think that this technology is being used for professional sports considerably. It may play a role in directing a prearranged game, too. We believe that it is more effective than using drugs, so that it has possibly become the technology necessary for winning medals in Olympics. In this era, we believe that it is necessary to run a test for this technology in addition to doping tests.

5. Manipulation of Five Senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch): The harassment causes, zooming eyes, an intentional ear trouble caused by the fluctuation of air pressure, a strange feeling left in the mouth after eating, strange smell without the source in the area, feeling of insects crawling on the skin, feeling of touch, etc. The victims of strange smell often report that the smell comes from their neighbors and seals their house very well; though, the smell keeps coming. Somebody used an expression that chunks of the smell are coming down from the ceiling. One of the victims was suffering from the smell of spray and went to mountains on the motorcycle only to find that the smell did not disappear. This is a stalking act with a smell of spray. We can imagine that manipulation of five senses can have a stalking characteristic.

6. Manipulation of Emotions: There is harassment that makes you tear up when you are not sad or make you laugh uncontrollably when it is not funny. In this person’s case, he bursts into laughs when he is at the regular meeting and is worried that people may think he is suspicious. The other person was manipulated to laugh whenever he feels that both cheeks have started inflating. Since it is done repeatedly, it is extremely troublesome. This alone can keep you from going outside. We also believe that happy feeling and depressed feeling can be manipulated freely. They often use this to induce dark feeling on the target as they do
other harassment to increase the damage markedly.

7. False Sickness: (Sickness Manipulation): This is a harassment that induces sickness symptoms even though you are not sick. We believe that it can freely manipulate sneezing, runny nose, slight fever, blood pressure and pulse,. According to Mr. Barrie Trower, it can also induce mental sickness, heart attack and cancer, and he further testifies that, as for cancer, even the speed of progress can be controlled, and it agrees with the NPO’s survey results.

8. Mind Control: It is very important that many of the victims from voice transmission harassment testify that the voice responds to their thoughts or the voice communicates interactively. This harassment cannot be realized without the technology that connects human brain and computer. The victims of this harassment naturally believe that somebody is reading their thoughts and start insisting that their minds are eavesdropped. Mind eavesdropping is an ultimate invasion of privacy. Moreover, it is very frightening that something can get into your mind, because it indicates the possibility of being controlled by the idea from outside instead of your own. What I explained so far are all technologies that make you lose who you are, but it is such a grave fact that it can work on your mind, too. It is an ultimate form of privacy invasion and a technique that completely denies democratic living.

9. Physical Attack: This harassment can be rephrased as harassment by torturing technology. Sensation of needle stabs, sudden attacks to organs, attacks by small or large air bullets, sensation of electricity creeping up the body, sensation of burning behind the eye balls, sensation of virtual torture in which both cheeks are pierced with a wire, etc. are reported.

10. Others: Vibration on the body and vibration of the surroundings. One of the victims of this harassment was attacked to the degree that his house was cracked. Sleep paralysis and sensation of insertion into genitals or anus, which seem nothing but abnormal. Sometimes, it makes the victim feel as if his/her heart is grabbed and massaged directly and make us wonder if it can be explained as a work of some technology.

11. Murder: Dead people cannot testify, but 17 out of 1166 confirmed victims are already dead, so there is no doubt that it can kill people. Two people out of the 17 broke down by subarachnoid hemorrhage and one of them died directly from it. One died from heart attack. I believe it is not only the direct victim who dies but people around the victim are also targeted. I stood as a candidate four times to become a politician, won once of them and became the local assembly member, but the person who supported me and his family or those who probably voted for me died one after another. The causes of their deaths were a heart attack, cancer (some were scirrhus carcinoma), a sudden death while taking a bath, etc. These deaths were processed as deaths by natural cause, not by certain technology. We do firmly believe that there are many cases of murder, which the victim or the people around the victim do not realize it as a murder.

Above is the outline of covert harassment. In order to implement such harassment, the following technology is necessary. We, the NPO, put this together based on the result of the questionnaire survey, so the following are inferences from the result.

1. Stalking Technology: Since it is impossible to commit this crime without the stalking technology, which catches a particular individual and does not let go, we define this technology as the first basic technology used for covert harassment. It also requires the technology that can identify particular individuals, so we need to consider a microchip implant to be able to explain it. From my experience, I believe that stalking that relies on technology had already begun in early 70s. I also think we should consider their use of satellites. I think we can express it as biotelemetry technology employing satellites. You may have better way to address this technology. We use such expression, because we are just inferring based on the real situation from the tandpoint of the victims.

2. Voice and Image Transmission Technology: We consider this as echnology that bypass normal auditory organ or visual organ and irectly transmit voice or image into the brain. Some of the victims of oice transmission harassment testified that he/she heard the same voice in overseas; therefore, this harassment can be implemented in a global scale, and we suspect the use of satellites here, too. As for image transmission, I do not know anything more elaborate than what I experienced. I think it only works in and around the big cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka. I experienced it in Paris and Firenze, too, so it seems to work in foreign big cities, too. However, it was 15 years ago when I experienced it, so it may be able to reach over farther distance than before. Anyway, it abuses the communication technology that allows transmitting voice and image directly to the brain without a terminal

3. Mind Eavesdropping Technology: Military is the one that is pursuing this technology the most. As for military, information collection technology is the most important technology, and the most crucial one is the technology to read the mind of military leaders. The crime cannot be implemented without technology that connects the human brain and computer. It is a brain-machine interface technology. It reads people’s minds, so it has to contain a device that catches brain signals and transmit it. I cannot deny the existence of microchip that can be implanted in the brain.

4. Technology that can influence human’s physiological functions, three desires, five senses, emotion and mind activities: Since human’s physiological functions, three desires, five senses, emotion, motor activities and mind activity are mainly controlled by the brain, the brainmachine interface technology, which I mentioned earlier, is essential for this technology. In addition, the brain functions must be thoroughly understood to make this happen, so the level of control depends on the level of the neuroscience development, we think. It is also necessary that the microchip is as close to the brain as possible to catch feeble brain waves.

5. Monitoring Technology: They can attack their target wherever they run or even in the house, which means they utilize very sophisticated monitoring technology. Moreover, they must be able to program when and what kind of attack they do, because they attack with miraculous timing.

6. Physical Attack Technology: First, they need technology that can aim each body part precisely, and technology that allows you to choose what kind of pain and control the strength of the pain is necessary. This harassment requires these technologies, and we believe that the brainmachine interface is the center of them. This technology connects human brain and computer, so that experiments on human bodies are necessary to complete the development. I won’t be surprised if there are many victims who are used for the development of this technology. Experimentation on humans is necessary to evaluate the product value, too. Furthermore, more experimentation on human is necessary to learn how to use the technology. As you can see, brain-machine interface technology requires experimentations on humans in many aspects. Therefore, there is no doubt that those departments which develop it, evaluate it, train with it, and control the technology are all committed to the crime in some ways. Therefore we need to investigate continuously where the technology is sold as a product, outflow situation of the program or whether similar product is brought from foreign country.

The NPO have been tackling covert and overt harassments in order to eradicate them. When we take a look at the scheme, to drive the victim into suicide, take them into mental hospital and corner them to take self-defense measures, which the main body of the crime pictures, we notice that it matches with three big social problems that we are facing in Japan now. Those are over 30, 000 and increasing number of suicides, increase of patients with mental disorder, which was once over 3 million patients and
increase of unbelievably atrocious crimes.

According to the suicide overview material for 2012 issued by the National Police Agent, 8,278 people, 29% of the total of 28,396 people, committed suicide due to mental problem (Breakdown: depression 5,904 people, schizophrenia 1,150 people and other mental disorders 1,224 people). As you know, when one says he/she can hear voices or see images in the head, he/she is diagnosed as schizophrenic. Sleeplessness is categorized in other mental disorders. There is a report saying, currently, one out of ten people are suffering from insomnia in Japan. Harassment to cause sleeplessness is considered as torture, and is a very serious offense. Victims have to go to psychiatrists for consultation to deal with the problems that should be managed by the police primarily as covert harassments. Naturally, no victims can be satisfied by the way they are handled. We can imagine that there are many people who were misdiagnosed with a mental disorder and end up committing suicide. By implementing overt harassment on a victim one after another, they can cause a panic attack and take the victim to mental hospital. So, we believe many victims of covert and overt harassment are included in the 30,000 people who committed suicide. Also, almost 3 million people have mental disorders, now, in Japan; therefore, if we take suicide and mental disorder seriously, we need to take measures against both covert and overt harassments.

Nowadays, unbelievably atrocious crimes are happening often in Japan. We can suspect that the taxi driver murder case in Yokosuka on March 19, 2009, the personal injury case near Toyo-cho subway station of Tozai line on March 19, 2013 and the other personal injury case in Saitamacity in May 2013, were all executed by the victims of voice transmission harassment. It is necessary to tackle covert harassment to reduce atrocious crimes that we cannot even imagine.

Since the scheme that the main entity of the crime draws and the social conditions match, we can imagine that the entity is directing the social conditions, too. It is important that these social problems, an increase of suicides, an increase of patients of mental disorder and an increase of atrocious crimes, are a possibly directed by the entity. Those three problems are treated as big social issues now, and so as these covert and overt harassment should be. The NPO is fighting to obtain the recognition from the society and for the development of laws by which both of those crimes are punished as criminal offenses by appealing the very point.

We think that such a big issue does not receive enough attention because of the strong international connection between those entities of the crime. Therefore, the group of victims should construct international circles to fight against them face to face. We hope that today would be the opportunity to make that happen.

Today, I talked about the situation regarding covert and overt harassment in Japan. In the end, I would like to say thank you again to Mr. Juan E. Mendez from the bottom of my heart for giving us this opportunity. Thank you very much.


Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan(日本語PDF)
Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan(英文PDF)


被害者全員で国連に被害を報告しよう (1)

被害者全員で国連に被害を報告しよう (2)


Rush to form international treaties for regulating gang stalking and electronic harassment

- Unless there is regulation at an early stage, there is no future for mankind -
-Final revision date: June 1st 2015 (Mon) -


 From this year, there has been an increase in international interaction between victims. This signifies that this problem is becoming a truly international issue. On this occasion, we would like to explain about the objectives of us victims in relation to this problem.

 The basic damage we have suffered is harassment from people, which is known as gang stalking and remote microwave-based attacks, which is called electronic harassment. These are generally referred to as overt harassment and covert harassment. Among these, the greatest threat to mankind is from microwave attacks. This is because this technology makes thought reading possible.

 Knowledge of victims has greatly increased, and we now know the following about microwave-based attacks.

1. Irradiation is possible from remote distances of up to 50km
2. They have extremely strong penetrability and cannot be protected against
3. When placed in vehicles, mobile attacks are possible

 I think this can be called the greatest threat to mankind. This is because our thoughts can be read in a defense-less state 24 hours a day. Speaking as my experience as a victim, the concept of our privacy does not exist. Generally, electronic harassment can be thought of as an invention on a par with the nuclear bomb in terms of its impact. The characteristic of the damage we have suffered is that an extremely large number of people have been driven to suicide, while suffering such attacks.

 What should be done to protect mankind from this threat? This is our proposal at this time. To put it in a phrase, “an international treaty on gang stalking and electronic harassment should be formed as quickly as possible and ratified by all states.”

 In this blog, we have long discussed the establishment of legislation from a domestic perspective. gang stalking can be regulated if the “Anti-nuisance Ordinance” is elevated to the level of criminal law or the “Stalker Regulation Law” can be applied to the damage we suffer. On the other hand, the following two items have been stated about electronic harassment.

1.Prohibition on simple possession of microwave devices used for electronic harassment
 The Swords and Firearms Control Law can be used as reference. In Japan, it is possible for society to provide maximum protection from tragedies due to guns. The Swords and Firearms Control Law is the law that provides this regulation. Simple possession of a gun is prohibited. You will be exposed just for carrying a gun. In the case of electronic harassment as well, the simple possession of microwave devices can be regulated in the same way as the Swords and Firearms Control Law.

2.Total ban on the use of ultra-low frequency bandwidths used for malicious activities
 It is said that ultra-low frequencies are used for malicious activities. This is because, as stated above, they have extremely strong penetrability and protection is only possible in exceptional circumstances such as remote islands or deep within tunnels. The current unchecked state of use should be regulated through legislation. Use of these bandwidths should be prevented.

 These two items are necessary. They should be included in an international treaty and we should increase the number of countries ratifying this so we will be protected whatever country we go to. Further, it is also the job of victims to raise awareness and enlighten people about this situation. This will become an international issue moving forward.

 This damage is still producing tragic victims. Even domestically in Japan, we are being pushed to the limit and the cases where this leads to crimes continue to occur. This is the same in America as well. A prompt international approach is required.

All victims around the world need to stand together and fight. I would like to end this article with a prayer that there will be no more victims of this damage.

-最終更新日: 2015年6月1日 (月) -


 我々の被害の基本は、集団ストーカー と呼ばれる人による嫌がらせと、テクノロジー犯罪 と呼ばれる遠隔からの電磁波 による攻撃です。これは、一般に見える犯罪 と見えざる犯罪 と呼ばれます。このうち、人類にとって最も危機を伴うのが電磁波による攻撃です。なぜなら、この技術は思考盗聴 を可能にするからです。


1. 遠隔最大50kmほどから照射可能
2. 透過性が非常に強く、防御がほぼ不可能
3. 車載すれば移動しながらの攻撃が可能




1.テクノロジー犯罪に用いられる電磁波機器 の単純所持の禁止





Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO

- Introduction to the victims organization in Japan -
-Final revision date: June 4th 2014 (Wednesday) -

<NPO homepage>

 The Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO is the NPO corporation that has officially recognized the damage caused by gang stalking and electronic harrassment in Japan. On this occasion, I would like to explain about this organization.

 The Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO was inaugurated in 1998 in its previous embodiment as “Victims of Electronic Crime Group”, and Terukatsu Ishibashi has been active in the organization for many years. It received formal recognition from the Tokyo Metropolis as an NPO in November 2007 and, currently, has established its position as the only public victims network in Japan. The activities of this specified NPO corporation are as follows.

1 . Publicity and Petitioning Activities

STOP! Technology crimes and harassment crimes in Osaka demo march!(Youtube video)

 The NPO corporation carries out regular publicity activities. Initially, these were only carried out in Tokyo, but publicity activities are currently being performed by members in various regions, such as Osaka. Further, the first demo march was successfully completed in Osaka in October 2013.

List of Parties Petitioned by the NPO corporation

 Next, on to petitioning. The chairman has submitted petition documents and petitions have been made to the various ministers in the Japanese government, the assemblymen of the main political parties and various political institutions. However, despite these efforts, we have still not received an official response. We think that an approach needs to be achieved by government bodies as soon as possible.

2 . Self-help Activities Among Victims


 The NPO corporation is holding gatherings of victims at 7 main cities, including Tokyo and Osaka. This provides a venue for those participants who have been damaged to tell their own stories of the damage they have received, and functions as a mutual self-help meeting between victims. Due to the increase in the number of victims, participants visit at the start of every month to the Osaka assembly where I am participating.

3 . Technology Crime Victims Forum

 A lecture meeting is held once a year in Tokyo and Osaka aimed at the general public. This is the Technology Crime Victims Forum. The 7th of these meetings was held in 2014. The image below is a leaflet for the forum.


Event Overview
7th Technology Crime Victims Forum
~Aiming for Social Recognition and the Establishment of Laws related to Global Scale Crime (Technology Crime/Harassment Crime)~
Tokyo event April 27th 2014(Sunday)13:00~17:00
Osaka event May 10th 2014(Sunday)13:00~17:00

 This video is of the opening section of the lecture by Chairman Ishibashi. His explanation gives a general overview of the damage, and he appeals for the need for recognition and the establishment of legislation. The number of general participants is still low, but is increasing from year to year. We strongly request the participation of the media and government affiliates.

 The main approach of the NPO is described above. At the NPO, Ishibashi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, travelled to America last year to meet with the FFCHS representative, Derek Robinson. gang stalking technology crime is at the stage where mutual communication is accelerating between victims internationally. This crime has flourished, hidden in the blind spot of democratic nations, and must be stopped at the earliest possible stage. I hope you will continue to pay attention to the activities of the victims in Japan.

The 8th forum of Covert and Overt Harassments in Japan

- This video is the video recording of “The 8th forum of Covert and Overt Harassments in Japan" which is hosted and held every year by Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization. This forum was held in the convention hall of the Hibiya Library and Museum on April 26, 2015. This video recording is included the first part of the forum. -


-最終更新日: 2014年6月4日 (水) -


 NPOテクノロジー犯罪被害ネットワークは、前身を1998年発足の「電磁波被害者の会」とし、古くから石橋輝勝(Terukatsu Ishibashi)氏によって活動が行われていました。そして、2007年11月に東京都から正式にNPOとして認可を受け、現在では日本で唯一の公的な被害者団体としての地位を築いています。このNPO法人の活動は下記の通りです。

リンク: STOP! テクノロジー犯罪・嫌がらせ犯罪 in 大阪デモ行進!(Youtube動画)





 NPO法人では、東京、大阪をはじめとする主要7都市で被害者の集まりを開催しています。そこでは、つらい被害を受けている参加者が自分の被害話を吐露する時間帯もあり、被害者相互の自助ミーティング(self-help meeting)として機能しています。被害者の増加により、私の参加している大阪の会合では毎月初参加者が訪れる状態です。



東京開催 2014年4月27日(日)13:00~17;00
大阪開催 2014年5月10日(日)13:00~17:00



To all of you in the international community

- Aiming for a resolution throughout the whole world -
-Final revision date: May 30th 2014 (Friday) -

20140530_whole the world

 This relates to the gang stalking and electronic harassment issue that is spreading around the whole world. With this blog, we have repeated observations aimed at its resolution over many years. On this occasion, I would like to explain the approach of Japan to all of you in the international community.

 gang stalking and electronic harassment, as I have stated before, is the worst abuse of human rights in the history of mankind, and is happening right now in the present tense. gang stalking, as the name suggests, are when an unspecified large number of perpetrators follow somebody using legal methods for harassment purposes. Electronic crimes are when torture is additionally applied electronically from a remote location. We victims are having the freedom of our actions and our privacy attacked, and are being tortured on a daily basis. Many victims suffer greatly and end up committing suicide.

 The Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization, which is a victims organization in Japan, has confirmed 1323 victims by 2014. This looks like being just the tip of the iceberg, and it is thought there are actually many more potential victims. Further, the American victims organization FFCHS is said to have confirmed more than 2000 victims domestically in the U.S.

 Faced with this problem in which there is an urgent need to enact global legislation and rescue victims, we, in Japan, started an approach 4 years ago. This is an approach using subliminal messages. We victims have received frequent harassment from a program that is financed by the perpetrators. As a countermeasure against this, program has been constructed and financed by those on the side of the victims that supports victims, hinting at a resolution. This is then relayed by a wide variety of people. Through this continued approach, the taboo has been removed, awareness has spread and opportunities for resolution have increased. Currently, the democratic states of the world have adopted this method and its resolution is spreading throughout the whole world.

 Currently, America, which was the starting point for this problem, has made progress to the point where this problem will soon be publicly recognized. We want to continue with this approach, with Japanese society taking the lead, in order to bring a good result for the victims as soon as possible. Now, at this time, new casualties are emerging. This needs to be urgently resolved. I hope that all of you in the international community will focus your attention on this approach.


Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization (Japan victims organization)

FFCHS (American victims organization)

ICAACT (European victims organization)

Juan Mendez

 At the Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization, Juan Mendez, special rapporteur for torture at the UN, has received a report on the damage. This was achieved through the visit to the United States of Terukatsu Ishibashi, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the NPO.I hope you will all stay up to speed with future developments.


-最終更新日: 2014年5月30日 (金) -








拡散をお願いします !!




イルミナティの世界支配の力の根源は、思考盗聴技術をベースにした集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪という見えない圧力です。この事実を世界に拡散してください !!



911のテロはイルミナティが思考盗聴と意識の介入で警備員とイスラム教過激派を遠隔操作して成功させたというのが真実のようです。この事実もぜひご拡散ください !!

ASKAさん、頑張って !!

700番 第二巻/第三巻 ASKA


ASKAさんは、2017年2月17日発売の著書で集団ストーカー被害について触れられました。我々の犯罪に光を当てていただいたことになります。ASKAさんはこの犯罪に負けられる方ではありません。音楽活動、頑張ってください !!

700番 第一巻 ASKA




私が京都大学で集団ストーカー犯罪を受けた起源 支援者の皆様のおかげで卒業できました







集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪 被害記事まとめ




author : Masanori Kawasaki

I am one of the victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment crimes in Japan.I am on the steering committee of the Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization. I am a graduate of Kyoto University.


My twitter ⇒ @masa_kawasaki






(ベルリンの国際会議 2015年10月)








HPはこちら ⇒ 【HPリンク



場所:広島市中区舟入公民館 和室


HPはこちら ⇒ 【HPリンク】











私が提言する日本の被害者のとるべきスタンス 国際的に包括的に解決を進める必要があります

メディアのサブリミナル・メッセージの実態 解決したい勢力と加害勢力の熾烈な戦い


特定新興宗教団体は日本人の思考を読みたい放題 一刻も早く規制を実現しなければなりません









記事はこちら ⇒ 【記事リンク】

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Please spread this fact !!

The Source of Illuminati’s Power is Thought Reading Technology

- Gang stalking and electronic harassment has developed throughout the world based on thought reading technology -


This article fully uncovers why the Illuminati are capable of exercising world dominance. Now is the time for the whole world to overcome their taboos. People of the world, be sure to spread this truth!

- The 911 truth -


In 911 terror attacks, security staff and Islamic extremists were remotely controlled through thought reading and intervention of consciousness by Illuminati

-Apl 18, 2017-

The NPO's Action

Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan
- The document submitted to Mr. Mendez of the UN -


Presenter: Terukatsu Ishibashi (The Chief Director of Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization in Japan)

-October 21, 2015-

Our vision

Rush to form international treaties for regulating gang stalking and electronic harassment
- Unless there is regulation at an early stage, there is no future for mankind -


From this year, there has been an increase in international interaction between victims. This signifies that this problem is becoming a truly international issue. On this occasion, we would like to explain about the objectives of us victims in relation to this problem...

-June 7, 2015-

Approach of this blog

To all of you in the international community
- Aiming for a resolution throughout the whole world -


This relates to the organized stalking and electronic harassment issue that is spreading around the whole world. With this blog, we have repeated observations aimed at its resolution over many years. On this occasion, I would like to explain the approach of Japan to all of you in the international community....

-May 30, 2014-

About the NPO

Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO
- Introduction to the victims organization in Japan -


The Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO is the NPO corporation that has officially recognized the damage caused by organized stalking and electronic harrassment in Japan. On this occasion, I would like to explain about this organization....

-June 4, 2014-





























President Obama, we know you can do it.

イルミナティを摘発することができるのはオバマ大統領だけである。任期の最後にぜひ彼に摘発を成し遂げていただきたいと思っている方は多数である。頑張って、オバマ大統領 !!







集団ストーカー行為を防止する政治的枠組み ③