Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan

- The document submitted to Mr. Mendez of the UN -
-Final revision date: October 21th 2015 (Wed) -


The following is the document submitted to Mr. Juan E. Mendez (The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment).

Submitted day: August 9, 2013

Presenter: Terukatsu Ishibashi (The Chief Director of the Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization in Japan)

Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan

I am the chairman of the Board of Directors Technological Crime victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization, Terukatsu Ishibashi.
Today, I came here to inform you, Mr. Juan E. Mendez, about the current situation of the victims of covert harassment and overt harassment in Japan.
Firstly, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, Ms. Rhonda Pence, and Mr. Derrick Robinson of FFCHS, the organizers of this meeting, who gave us this opportunity for the first time.

It has been 15 years since this NPO’s private organization was established. During the 15 years, we held not only 137 regular meetings in Tokyo, where the main office is located, but we also held meetings all over Japan, such as in Sapporo, Aomori, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa, trying to understand the real situation of the damage.
In addition, the 17-page detailed survey we ask our members to respond when they join us has contributed to grasp the real situation of the damage. We have collected the responses from more than 1000 victims and finished totaling answers from 815 people. What I am going to talk about today is based on the total results. As a result of these activities, we have become capable of understanding the real situation of covert and overt harassments to a great extent. I am certain that what I am going to tell you about the situation in Japan will be some reference to you, too.
So, I would like to start with the reason I started organizing this kind of meeting before I start explaining about both harassments which also serves as an introduction of myself.
I realized that I was a victim of covert harassment when I experienced concentrated attacks that used invisible tactics starting May 17, 1995. The attack continued until the spring in the following year. Before the series of attacks, I had been receiving overt harassment since 1991 as a preliminary step. As the harassment escalated, my tap water became abnormal on May 17, 1995. My anger flared up when I thought about those who were harassing me with water, which was important to human beings. Back then, I could not even imagine that an invisible technology could make people sense an abnormality in the tap water, so I was seriously concerned about contamination of the water. When image transmittance was added, I was totally played by them. In other wards, I seriously believed that I could not drink the tap water at home. I drove around looking for water with 20-liter plastic containers in the car. Soon, image transmission directly to my brain started. The images were divided in two sides, one was attacking and the other was protecting. One of them was an image that when I start putting water in the container from the faucet in the public park, somebody sends electric waves to make the water abnormal. The other one was that they have many people making coils to make an electric wave transmitter to interfere the harmful electric waves with counter electric waves. The image of the press conference to announce the completion of the transmitter was sent, too. However, when they are about to use it, it failed and the image was changed to the one in which they started all over again to make the transmitter. I never thought that those images were fictions so that I seriously believed them and was played by them. As the water abnormality related images were escalated and changed, I thought those were true and kept moving all over Japan for a half year. Though, it finally became certain for me that covert harassment is true through these concentrated attacks. I thought that the only way to protect myself is to write a book about my experience and published my book, “Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon!” I began selling the book on July 13, 1997, putting advertisement on Mainichi Newspaper. Since the book was published privately, I could not use established distribution channels, so I kept putting advertisements on newspapers once a month for about a half-year and asked book stores to sell my book one by one. I managed to sell 800 books in that year.

Through my book, I made connection with 24 people who claimed to be the victims of similar harassments. We agreed that this issue could not be solved by an individual; therefore, I addressed the launch of club and started the “Electric Wave Abuse Victims’ Society”, the origin of the NPO based on the approval of 14 people. The name was changed twice later and we
decided to use the current name at the time we changed the club to a NPO in 2007 and lead to the present. Currently, we have more than 360 members. It is important that I, myself, am a victim and I became confident about the covert harassment due to the concentrated attacks. Without the confidence, I think I could not have founded the society and managed to maintain it. Not
to mention there was no way that I could openly appeal to outsiders. Consequently, there is no doubt that firm belief about the harassment is very important in this problem.
Now, I would like to start explaining the outline of harassments. The base used to put everything together is the table I published in my book, “Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon!” I was able to make such a table from my own experience only. We have been using this table as the base of improvement since we launched the society.

Table 1. Electric Wave Abuses Based on Experience

I. Abuses on People
1. Intervention to the brain ① peek into one’s mind, ② transmit images and intentions, ③ image insertion, ④ turn a person into a maniac, ⑤ intervention to one’s thoughts, ⑥ brain sharing (importance of lie detector completion and peeking during sleep, ⑦ suppression and activation of thoughts, ⑧ suppression and alteration of decision, ⑨ dream manipulation and ⑩ oblivion and ecollection (manipulation of memory)

2. Manipulation of Instinct ① appetite manipulation, ② sexual desiremanipulation and ③manipulation of desire to sleep

3. Manipulation of Emotion ① manic-depressive manipulation, ②amplification and relief of hatred ③ make one nervous ④ love manipulation and ⑤ impulse manipulation

4. Manipulation of Physical Functions ① excretion manipulation, ② body odor, ③ gas generation, ④ fatigue manipulation, ⑤ sleep paralysis, ⑥ motor function manipulation, ⑦ illness, ⑧ allergization, ⑨ motion sickness, ⑩ itch and numbness manipulation ⑪ make one’s habit worse ⑫ handwriting manipulation ⑬ loosening one’s lacrimal grand

II. Abuses on Equipment
1. Signal Control, 2. Phone Control, 3. Word Processor Control, 4. Copier Control, 5. TV and Radio Control, 6. Control of the Vehicle Engine Condition

III. Abuses on Natural Environment
1. Weather Control, 2. Water Disturbance, 3. Plant Growth Disturbance, 4. Wind Development (Tornedo Development) 5. Wave Development 6. Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption

Overt Harassment

I am going to explain the real situation of harassments based on the result total of questionnaire survey collected from 815 members. I start with overt harassment. The questionnaire survey conducted by the NPO describes 35 overt harassments and asks you to circle ones you are experiencing or experienced. The 35 items are the following:

Tapping and secret photographing, following (shadowing and stalking) and watch-keeping by people, following and watch-keeping using a car, following and watch-keeping with motorcycle, silent phone calls, threatening phone call, phone disturbance, house breaking, trespassing, loss of money and goods in the house, location change of money and goods in the house, throwing objects into the site, throwing objects into the house, house burglary, site ravaging, dumping dead animals in or around the premise, dumping feces in or around the premise, rape, assault, threatening, cussing, suspicious behavior, hostile attitude (i.e. glaring and spitting), suspicious behavior of the neighbors, suspicious behavior of the people at work, suspicious behavior of the police, gossips, bill distribution, ostracism (isolation), intervention to your PC, suspicious emails, failure of electrical devices, malfunction of electrical devices, malfunction of fluorescent lights, malicious mischief on your vehicle, bike or motorcycle, uncontrollable vehicle, an attack with alien substance when you are driving, malfunction of a car door, undelivered mail, suspicious treatment when you are shopping, suspicious behavior, attitude and the content of the program from TV caster or radio personality that gives you an impression of a personal attack

Table 2 shows the total results. However, there are too many items, so we divide them into 12 categories to explain for easier understanding.

· Following (Stalking)
· Hostility
· Suspicious Behavior of the Neighbors
· Phone Related Harassment
· Failure or Malfunction of Electric Devices
· Trespassing
· Harassment on Vehicles (Car, Bike and Motorcycle)
· Undelivered mails
· Suspicious (dubious) Treatment Experienced During Shopping
· Suspicious Behavior, Attitude and the Content of the Program from TV Caster or Radio Personality
· Implications at Work, etc.
· Tapping and Secret Photographing
I would like to explain each of them.

1. Following
First is following (stalking) harassment. It is a persistent kind of following, which starts as soon as you leave your house and they keep following you one after another. Normally, the victim encounters the next “hostility” at his/her destinations after “following”, and it makes the victim believe that the offender knows where he/she goes next. After all, the victim has no choice but believes his/her entire life is being watched.

2. Hostility
Hostility is executed with following. The victim experiences incidents of glaring, spitting, cussing (abuse) in passing, blocking of the path etc. more frequently. It happens even when you are our in your vehicle and it seems accurate to use an expression, “gang up” due to the number of people following you. Therefore, traffic jams occur all the time, and the offender makes it worse by controlling signals. Such sudden hostile attacks give significant psychological damage to the victim. It is not strange if a person who had peaceful life until yesterday becomes a target of hostile attacks and starts panicking. The hostile attack is so intense that it makes us wonder that the goal of the offender is to send the victim to a mental hospital.

3. Suspicious Behavior of the Neighbors
As a result of the questionnaire survey, many victims suspect their neighbors to be the main body of the crime. Abnormal incidents, such as unusual noise comes from the next door, too many visitors to the next door, sudden change of attitude, the neighbor watch you leave home and close their door loudly as you pass by, the trash he/she placed at the collection place is brought back to the house, your garden tree is cut, dumping trash, feces and dead animals in your premise, every house in the neighborhood repeatedly hangs yellow laundry items outside to dry. There is nobody who can remain peaceful if these incidents are repeated persistently.

4. Phone Related Harassment
Phone related harassment starts, along with the others. Those are silent phone calls, 1-ring calls, nuisance phone calls, abnormal noise from the phone, phone rings when you try to do something, disconnection during a conversation, the phone rings in one-hour intervals while asleep, outgoing call history that you did not make, malfunction, hear a voice that blames you during the subtle pause that the person you are speaking makes, etc. almost all victims believe their phones are tapped. Regarding phone related harassment, it seems possible to get help from the police or phone companies (NTT, KDDI etc.) to identify the offender if you record the date and time and phone number of each incident. However, I have not received any report of being able to get help from such organizations.

5. Failure or Malfunction of Electric Device
The victims also encounter a failure or malfunction of electric devices. In order to fix or buy a new one, they are forced to waste their time and money. Especially, PC malfunctions or failures are increasing nowadays, and some victims have stopped using PCs. It makes us imagine the existence of a specialized department that can control a victim’s PC from distance. When your electronic device fails, you call the customer support center, but they respond to you in a way that make you suspicious if they have been waiting for you to call. Therefore, we think that there may be a special group to harass people that commits in both causing PC failure and pretend to be customer service window. It thoroughly trains the staff to cause malfunctions and to respond to the victim’s request for a consultation, cause failure or malfunction from a distance and drive the victim into a corner by responding senselessly to the victim’s request for consultation. Some victims have been trying to keep and record the evidence, but we have cases in which the recording device broke down or the recording was deleted.

6. Trespassing
Here, nonsensical things occurs repeatedly, for example, things in the house change the location without the knowledge of the owner, lost things, the thing lost days ago comes out from the other place, broken locks, clothes are sewn, volume of the cosmetics decrease too fast or too slow, the room is wet, dust scattered all over the room, a newspaper is rolled up into shape of genitals and left in the room, food in the refrigerator is eaten, etc. Victims of this harassment cannot leave their house, since every time they leave the house they recognize some alterations. It continues even after they make a contract with a security company, so most of them cancel the contract. It seems that such obstinate trespassing is aiming to inflict psychological damage on the victims by letting them know that somebody was in the house.

7. Harassment on Vehicles (Car, Bike and Motorcycle)
There are reports of deflated tires, punctured tires, a sudden total failure of the car, a claim that somebody drew a hand that shows V-sign over the speed meter, as well as a fake accident.

8. Undelivered mails
Many victims send letters that reports the harassment and asking for help, but are very skeptical if those mails are truly delivered. About 20 % of the victims reported about undelivered mails and parcels via post office and home delivery services. We found that the all three letters, registered mail, express mail and regular mail, we sent to Mr. Soichiro Okuno, the member of the House of Representative in April, May and June, were not delivered. We asked his secretary to write a letter and sent it to the president of Japan Post Network Company with the certificate of content. We received a report of delivery in writing, but those three letters are still missing. Knowing what happened to our activity, there is no wonder that the members become more anxious.

9. Suspicious Treatment Experienced During Shopping
This is a type of harassment that the victim is treated impolitely at the register of a super market or home center, the service counter of the bank, post office or public office, a dining room, a restaurant, hair salon and others even though they are customers. The victim demands explanation when it happens, but they arrange people to observe it so that they can put the one assigned to do the job under the pressure that if he/she did not follow the direction, the person, too, would suffer violent harassment later.

10. Implication or Suspicious Attitude from TV Caster or Radio Personality
Some report that TV caster or radio personality implies something related to the victim’s privacy, use what the victim said or did at home in the TV program or peek them from the TV. In the digital broadcasting era, we need to be concerned about the fact that a special program is transmitted to the victim only. We are hoping that the perusal system will be established at the National Diet Library, so that all TV/ radio programs broadcasted nationwide are recorded and be able to review anytime when any suspicion occurs.

11. Implications at Work
There are an increasing number of victims who report implications of their privacy, which only the victim should know, by their coworker. Many people did not have a choice but resign their jobs due to the combination of the implication and harassment. However, there is a case that one of our members who won the trial at the court of final appeal using the recording on his IC recorder as the evidence. The case is a good reference.

12. Tapping and Secret Photographing
In order to coordinate these harassments that I have just explained, the offender must be able to read the victim’s activities. Therefore, overwhelming number of victims suspect tapping and secret photographing. We hire private detectives to investigate this matter, but they were unsuccessful. Thus, we begin to realize that considerably sophisticated monitoring technologies are used.

In addition to the explanation about overt harassments, I want to mention the fact that the victims are experiencing multiple harassments continuously. There is no doubt that these harassments are organized crimes since they are impossible to execute individually. I believe that observing overt harassment from its characteristics would help us better understand the real nature of the crime. So, I would like to explain the characteristics now.

We have found 11 characteristics of overt harassments from our survey.

1. Group Activity: This is a characteristic of harassing a certain individual as a group. This characteristic alone can indicate that overt harassment is an organized crime. Even though it is a senseless action, when you file a suit, you end up being asked, ‘Why so many people have to harass you?’, ‘Are you a very special person?’, ‘Who is paying the cost of use so many people? and ‘Isn’t it your paranoia?’ in reality.

2. Stalking: This is a characteristic that constantly follows a certain individual quietly. Not only while the victim is out, but also follows around even he/she is in the house and make a trouble with a superb timing. It is unbelievable in common-sense terms.

3. Continuous and Repetitive: The harassment lasts persistently 24 hours and 365 days a year.

4. Calculated Timing: The harassment often occurs at a superb timing. For example, the phone rings when you are just about to do something, electrical devices near you make a strange noise every time you move around the house, you hear foot steps from the floor above as you walk on the lower floor, and every time you go to the bathroom you hear somebody go to the bathroom next door. If it ends after a couple of times, it does not feel strange, but it is continuous and quite abnormal.

5. Monitoring: Harassing action with such a great timing cannot be done without monitoring the victim. Therefore, the victim have no choice but believe that somebody is monitoring him/her and hires a private investigator for tapping or secret photographing. Because they cannot find any evidence, we started to believe that considerably sophisticated tapping/secret photographing technology is in use.

6. Systematic: The superb timing of the harassment, which is not so unimportant like somebody peeps in the victim’s life and makes nuisance action, made us start believing that the offender reads victim’s behavior ahead of time and the type of the harassment is programmed in the system to automatically implement the operation. Harassments toward individuals have been highly developed.

7. Organized: Many victims move from place to place in order to escape from the harassment, but it is clear from the testimonies from those victims that harassment continues at the new location. Some moved from Kanto to Hokkaido, Hokkaido to Okinawa, Kanto to Tohoku or Kanto to Kansai, but the situation remained. Also, the victims live all over Japan. Consequently, it is obvious that overt harassments are operated by the crime groups organized nationwide.

8. Networking: The organizations that spread nationwide make their communication network dense and harass victims no matter where they try to escape. Therefore, good communication network is essential for them.

9. Manualized: Since there are victims of similar harassment globally, we think that manuals exist and the offenders are operating based on the manuals.

10. Historical: We have learned from the survey that we have a history of overt harassments that is over 40 years.

11. Preposterousness: The 10 characteristics listed above are all extremely preposterous, and this preposterousness can bind all these characteristics.

The 11th characteristic of preposterousness is especially important. If the harassment is within the bounds of common sense, there would always be somebody who helps the victim. The family member can listen to the victim’s story and friends can help, too. Police, lawyers, executive officers and politicians would listen to you and do something about it. However, the more preposterous the harassment is, the less people will listen to you. The main body of the crime is well aware of the fact, and we started understanding their strong intention to never do a kind of harassment within the bounds of common sense and focus on being senseless. It is extremely important that we clarify such intention of the main body of harassment.
On the other hand, victims become isolated because nobody listens to their complaints about such preposterous harassment. They are cornered and what is left for them is to commit suicide, be taken into the mental hospital or take self-defense measures. It has become to our knowledge that such ending is the picture the main body of the crime has drawn. The achievement of the NPO’s activities is the clear understanding of the crime organization’s strong intention and the picture they have drawn. Also, it is related to covert harassment.

Covert Harassment

Next, I would like to explain covert harassment. We believe that invisible electromagnetic waves and ultrasounds are used as medium. Covert harassment is a crime that uses such medium to attack and control its target’s mind and body accurately from a distance. Like overt harassment, the NPO stated the following 40 items on the questionnaire survey and ask the member to circle the ones they are experiencing or have experienced.

Hear a voice, hear a noise, see images, my thoughts are read by somebody, intervention to the consciousness, suppression and activation of the brain activity, unnatural dreams, anxiety of mind being violated, overeating, a poor diet, sexual excitement, loss of vitality, insomnia, sleep disturbance, strong sleepiness, mania, depression, amplified fear or anxiety, elevated suspicion, incontrollable impulse, amplified hatred, nervousness, diffident, zooming eyes, loss of eye sight, loss of hearing, hear a voice from a distance, loss of sense of smell, sense strange smell, loss of taste, strange feeling left in the mouth after eating, feel of touch on the genitals, feel of insertion in the anal, tightening or numb feeling on the head, headache, feel like the head is wrapped with something soft, feels like something is implanted in the head, extreme fatigue, feel like an electricity ran through the body, constipation, diarrhea, incontinence of urine and feces, slackness of anus, manipulation of excretory function such as poor excretion, the muscle moves against his/her will, listless feeling, strong body odor, gas,excessive perspiration, sudden fluctuation of pulse, unusual (food poisoning, drunkenness, motion sickness, cols symptoms-(coughs, sneezing, nasal inflammation etc.), a burn, vibration of the surroundings, vibration of the body, sleep paralysis, sensation of body tic (splattering), pain in organs such as a heart, pain in genitals, pain of something piercing through the body, sensation of burn on the back of eyeballs, bizarre air, pain of impact from air
bullets, fainting

As a result, I could make the following table. This, too, has so many items that I would like to explain by dividing them into 11 categories.

1. Harassment of Voice and Image Transmission: This is a typical covert harassment since 58% of the responders complained voice transmission and 65% complained about the noise transmission. Image transmission is 32%, less than voice and noise transmission, but can be considered as an abuse of same information transmission technology. Therefore, I am explaining about them together. As you have already known well, it is a harassment that makes you hear a sound in your head or hear a voice in the space even though there is nobody around you. The contents of the voice varies, for example, name calling, such as “Fool” and “Ugly”,
order or threat, such as “Cut your wrist”, “Jump and fall”, “Kill yourself”, “If you do not do what I say, I will hurt your family” and “Go to a certain place”, words that sound like the person is peeking what you are doing in the bathroom, an annotation for what you are doing, the voice reads the book that you are reading, answer to the thoughts in your head and interactive communication with the voice.
Harassments by sound are the sound of piano in the midnight, sound of drum, shattering sound, sound of slamming the door, high pitch noise, low pitch noise, etc.
Majority of victims who report harassment of voice testify that they hear the voice all the time as long as they are awake. Also, many of them confessed that they were manipulated by the voice in the beginning.
There is a possibility that the victim will take a huge risk by following the orders from the voice; for example, the victim is ordered to go the broadcasting station and do so, ordered to cut his/her wrist and do so or ordered to jump and fall and do so. So, this is a terrifying harassment.

2. Manipulation of three desires: The result of questionnaire survey shows that the most common covert harassment is sleep disturbance. About 69% of the members report this harassment saying that a voice wakes them up, cannot sleep because of the pain, some kind of awakening technology is being used. We can assume that manipulation of desire to sleep is implemented. There were a few people who could not sleep at all for almost a month and had to be admitted to the hospital. Sleep disturbance is one of the methods used to torture people; therefore, this is considered as a torture. As for the manipulation of sexual desire, Mr. Barrie Trower, whom you already know very well, testified that electronic wave of 6.6Hz can induce violent sexual drive, so I would
like to leave it to that.

3. Manipulation of Physiology: It is evident that they can freely manipulate physiology, such as incontinence, gas generation, diarrhea, hardness and softness of feces, body odor. Since I experienced stalking, which made me feel a slight need of using bathroom day and night, I believe that it has a stalking characteristic, in other words, it works not only at a certain place but wherever you go. The stalking nature is so strong that it does not leave alone and make you believe that it is your natural self.

4. Manipulation of Body and Motor Function: This is a harassment, which your body movement is controlled against your will. People notice it when your neck and limbs are moved against your will, so it is very troublesome. It sometimes controls all muscles related to excretion freely, and shows its amazing manipulative ability. We believe that it can easily control you to feel like your athletic ability improved all of the sudden or not to let you have positive results no matter how much you practice. We think that this technology is being used for professional sports considerably. It may play a role in directing a prearranged game, too. We believe that it is more effective than using drugs, so that it has possibly become the technology necessary for winning medals in Olympics. In this era, we believe that it is necessary to run a test for this technology in addition to doping tests.

5. Manipulation of Five Senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch): The harassment causes, zooming eyes, an intentional ear trouble caused by the fluctuation of air pressure, a strange feeling left in the mouth after eating, strange smell without the source in the area, feeling of insects crawling on the skin, feeling of touch, etc. The victims of strange smell often report that the smell comes from their neighbors and seals their house very well; though, the smell keeps coming. Somebody used an expression that chunks of the smell are coming down from the ceiling. One of the victims was suffering from the smell of spray and went to mountains on the motorcycle only to find that the smell did not disappear. This is a stalking act with a smell of spray. We can imagine that manipulation of five senses can have a stalking characteristic.

6. Manipulation of Emotions: There is harassment that makes you tear up when you are not sad or make you laugh uncontrollably when it is not funny. In this person’s case, he bursts into laughs when he is at the regular meeting and is worried that people may think he is suspicious. The other person was manipulated to laugh whenever he feels that both cheeks have started inflating. Since it is done repeatedly, it is extremely troublesome. This alone can keep you from going outside. We also believe that happy feeling and depressed feeling can be manipulated freely. They often use this to induce dark feeling on the target as they do
other harassment to increase the damage markedly.

7. False Sickness: (Sickness Manipulation): This is a harassment that induces sickness symptoms even though you are not sick. We believe that it can freely manipulate sneezing, runny nose, slight fever, blood pressure and pulse,. According to Mr. Barrie Trower, it can also induce mental sickness, heart attack and cancer, and he further testifies that, as for cancer, even the speed of progress can be controlled, and it agrees with the NPO’s survey results.

8. Mind Control: It is very important that many of the victims from voice transmission harassment testify that the voice responds to their thoughts or the voice communicates interactively. This harassment cannot be realized without the technology that connects human brain and computer. The victims of this harassment naturally believe that somebody is reading their thoughts and start insisting that their minds are eavesdropped. Mind eavesdropping is an ultimate invasion of privacy. Moreover, it is very frightening that something can get into your mind, because it indicates the possibility of being controlled by the idea from outside instead of your own. What I explained so far are all technologies that make you lose who you are, but it is such a grave fact that it can work on your mind, too. It is an ultimate form of privacy invasion and a technique that completely denies democratic living.

9. Physical Attack: This harassment can be rephrased as harassment by torturing technology. Sensation of needle stabs, sudden attacks to organs, attacks by small or large air bullets, sensation of electricity creeping up the body, sensation of burning behind the eye balls, sensation of virtual torture in which both cheeks are pierced with a wire, etc. are reported.

10. Others: Vibration on the body and vibration of the surroundings. One of the victims of this harassment was attacked to the degree that his house was cracked. Sleep paralysis and sensation of insertion into genitals or anus, which seem nothing but abnormal. Sometimes, it makes the victim feel as if his/her heart is grabbed and massaged directly and make us wonder if it can be explained as a work of some technology.

11. Murder: Dead people cannot testify, but 17 out of 1166 confirmed victims are already dead, so there is no doubt that it can kill people. Two people out of the 17 broke down by subarachnoid hemorrhage and one of them died directly from it. One died from heart attack. I believe it is not only the direct victim who dies but people around the victim are also targeted. I stood as a candidate four times to become a politician, won once of them and became the local assembly member, but the person who supported me and his family or those who probably voted for me died one after another. The causes of their deaths were a heart attack, cancer (some were scirrhus carcinoma), a sudden death while taking a bath, etc. These deaths were processed as deaths by natural cause, not by certain technology. We do firmly believe that there are many cases of murder, which the victim or the people around the victim do not realize it as a murder.

Above is the outline of covert harassment. In order to implement such harassment, the following technology is necessary. We, the NPO, put this together based on the result of the questionnaire survey, so the following are inferences from the result.

1. Stalking Technology: Since it is impossible to commit this crime without the stalking technology, which catches a particular individual and does not let go, we define this technology as the first basic technology used for covert harassment. It also requires the technology that can identify particular individuals, so we need to consider a microchip implant to be able to explain it. From my experience, I believe that stalking that relies on technology had already begun in early 70s. I also think we should consider their use of satellites. I think we can express it as biotelemetry technology employing satellites. You may have better way to address this technology. We use such expression, because we are just inferring based on the real situation from the tandpoint of the victims.

2. Voice and Image Transmission Technology: We consider this as echnology that bypass normal auditory organ or visual organ and irectly transmit voice or image into the brain. Some of the victims of oice transmission harassment testified that he/she heard the same voice in overseas; therefore, this harassment can be implemented in a global scale, and we suspect the use of satellites here, too. As for image transmission, I do not know anything more elaborate than what I experienced. I think it only works in and around the big cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka. I experienced it in Paris and Firenze, too, so it seems to work in foreign big cities, too. However, it was 15 years ago when I experienced it, so it may be able to reach over farther distance than before. Anyway, it abuses the communication technology that allows transmitting voice and image directly to the brain without a terminal

3. Mind Eavesdropping Technology: Military is the one that is pursuing this technology the most. As for military, information collection technology is the most important technology, and the most crucial one is the technology to read the mind of military leaders. The crime cannot be implemented without technology that connects the human brain and computer. It is a brain-machine interface technology. It reads people’s minds, so it has to contain a device that catches brain signals and transmit it. I cannot deny the existence of microchip that can be implanted in the brain.

4. Technology that can influence human’s physiological functions, three desires, five senses, emotion and mind activities: Since human’s physiological functions, three desires, five senses, emotion, motor activities and mind activity are mainly controlled by the brain, the brainmachine interface technology, which I mentioned earlier, is essential for this technology. In addition, the brain functions must be thoroughly understood to make this happen, so the level of control depends on the level of the neuroscience development, we think. It is also necessary that the microchip is as close to the brain as possible to catch feeble brain waves.

5. Monitoring Technology: They can attack their target wherever they run or even in the house, which means they utilize very sophisticated monitoring technology. Moreover, they must be able to program when and what kind of attack they do, because they attack with miraculous timing.

6. Physical Attack Technology: First, they need technology that can aim each body part precisely, and technology that allows you to choose what kind of pain and control the strength of the pain is necessary. This harassment requires these technologies, and we believe that the brainmachine interface is the center of them. This technology connects human brain and computer, so that experiments on human bodies are necessary to complete the development. I won’t be surprised if there are many victims who are used for the development of this technology. Experimentation on humans is necessary to evaluate the product value, too. Furthermore, more experimentation on human is necessary to learn how to use the technology. As you can see, brain-machine interface technology requires experimentations on humans in many aspects. Therefore, there is no doubt that those departments which develop it, evaluate it, train with it, and control the technology are all committed to the crime in some ways. Therefore we need to investigate continuously where the technology is sold as a product, outflow situation of the program or whether similar product is brought from foreign country.

The NPO have been tackling covert and overt harassments in order to eradicate them. When we take a look at the scheme, to drive the victim into suicide, take them into mental hospital and corner them to take self-defense measures, which the main body of the crime pictures, we notice that it matches with three big social problems that we are facing in Japan now. Those are over 30, 000 and increasing number of suicides, increase of patients with mental disorder, which was once over 3 million patients and
increase of unbelievably atrocious crimes.

According to the suicide overview material for 2012 issued by the National Police Agent, 8,278 people, 29% of the total of 28,396 people, committed suicide due to mental problem (Breakdown: depression 5,904 people, schizophrenia 1,150 people and other mental disorders 1,224 people). As you know, when one says he/she can hear voices or see images in the head, he/she is diagnosed as schizophrenic. Sleeplessness is categorized in other mental disorders. There is a report saying, currently, one out of ten people are suffering from insomnia in Japan. Harassment to cause sleeplessness is considered as torture, and is a very serious offense. Victims have to go to psychiatrists for consultation to deal with the problems that should be managed by the police primarily as covert harassments. Naturally, no victims can be satisfied by the way they are handled. We can imagine that there are many people who were misdiagnosed with a mental disorder and end up committing suicide. By implementing overt harassment on a victim one after another, they can cause a panic attack and take the victim to mental hospital. So, we believe many victims of covert and overt harassment are included in the 30,000 people who committed suicide. Also, almost 3 million people have mental disorders, now, in Japan; therefore, if we take suicide and mental disorder seriously, we need to take measures against both covert and overt harassments.

Nowadays, unbelievably atrocious crimes are happening often in Japan. We can suspect that the taxi driver murder case in Yokosuka on March 19, 2009, the personal injury case near Toyo-cho subway station of Tozai line on March 19, 2013 and the other personal injury case in Saitamacity in May 2013, were all executed by the victims of voice transmission harassment. It is necessary to tackle covert harassment to reduce atrocious crimes that we cannot even imagine.

Since the scheme that the main entity of the crime draws and the social conditions match, we can imagine that the entity is directing the social conditions, too. It is important that these social problems, an increase of suicides, an increase of patients of mental disorder and an increase of atrocious crimes, are a possibly directed by the entity. Those three problems are treated as big social issues now, and so as these covert and overt harassment should be. The NPO is fighting to obtain the recognition from the society and for the development of laws by which both of those crimes are punished as criminal offenses by appealing the very point.

We think that such a big issue does not receive enough attention because of the strong international connection between those entities of the crime. Therefore, the group of victims should construct international circles to fight against them face to face. We hope that today would be the opportunity to make that happen.

Today, I talked about the situation regarding covert and overt harassment in Japan. In the end, I would like to say thank you again to Mr. Juan E. Mendez from the bottom of my heart for giving us this opportunity. Thank you very much.


Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan(日本語PDF)
Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan(英文PDF)


被害者全員で国連に被害を報告しよう (1)

被害者全員で国連に被害を報告しよう (2)



拡散をお願いします !!




ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿は、ご生前に、資産の一部を基金として世界平和貢献事業を展開することをお考えでした。遺訓としてジェイコブ卿が行われていた国際金融資本家健全化事業がご子息のナサニエル卿とTI被害者に受け継がれることになりました。また、この基金から我々の陰謀被害者に賠償を行ってくださいというご遺訓を残されました。私は滞りなくこの事業を完遂させることをここにお誓いいたします。ジェイコブ卿、私の人生を拓いていただいて誠に有難うございました。どうか安らかにお眠りください m(_ _)m




昨年10月から約半年間行われたロスチャイルド家の世界平和継承事業、これがここに完遂しました。故・ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿の死を周囲に知らせることなく、国際的な頭脳を集結させて意識の介入で神経接続を行って知を生み出す、非情に西側を守護する悲しみに包まれたプロジェクトでした。次世代は完璧にナサニエル・ロスチャイルド卿に継承されました。引き続き国際金融資本家の健全化事業に邁進して参りたいと存じます。皆さまにおかれましては、引き続きご協力を心よりお願い致します m(_ _)m




故ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿とTI被害者が形成したこれからの国際金融資本家の「哲学」それを永続化浸透するための神話の再構築をナサニエル・ロスチャイルド卿との共同作業として行わせていただきました。故ジェイコブ卿のご遺訓は「強靱な西側の再統合」でした。時代の悲劇なき移行を我々は完遂しなければなりません。皆さま、急ぎましょう。ナサニエル卿、何卒よろしくお願い致します m(_ _)m



後進的な新興国のことを「グローバルサウス」と呼ぶのは間違いですと原口一博元総務大臣。独裁制を強めた「グローバリスト」の名前を包含することが彼らのアイデンティティに反するというのである。氏がその代わりに提唱した名称が「サウス・インターナショナル」。経済的・民族的・政治的侵略を伴わない国家の自律と自立を提唱するナサニエル・ロスチャイルド卿たち国際金融資本家全員がこの呼称を支持させていただきますとのことですm(_ _)m

グレタ・トゥーンベリさん、何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m


2023年10月に表明されたグレタさんのガザ支持。これはTI被害者として大いに共感できますし、これが何と同義であるかも明確です。投石を受けたとも拝聴しております。どうか長生きをされて、ノーベル平和賞受賞の栄誉を勝ち取ってください。心の底から尊敬いたしておりますm(_ _)m




グローバリズム・民主主義・国家主権この3つのうち、二つを成立させようとしたら、残り一つを諦めなくてはならないというトリレンマの関係にあることが分かってきました。信じられないでしょうが、国際金融資本家のレジームである民主主義とグローバリズムでも、一時的に独裁的な体制を構築してしまったのです。その反省に立たれた故ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿、ナサニエル・ロスチャイルド卿のご提案ですm(_ _)m




ナサニエル・ロスチャイルド卿が新たに設計された芸術の世界における統治システムです。この間、故ジェイコブ卿の世代継承のために一定割合民主主義社会を統制していましたが、これを緩め、市民の皆さまの選任されたカリスマを国際金融資本家が承認するゆるい社会形態に戻したいとのことです。ロマン主義の分厚い中間層による黄金の民主主義時代を取り戻そうという故ジェイコブ卿のご意志に依拠しています m(_ _)m




ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿は、死に絶えていた私を見いだしていただいて引き上げていただきました。お亡くなりになられ、悲痛な思いを隠せません。文章を書いて涙が出て胸が張り裂けます。どうか安らかにお眠りくださいm(_ _)m




この記事を書いたのが2015年11月3日ですが、この頃からノーベル委員会がサブリミナルメッセージの取り組みに参加しましたので、重要な記録として掲載いたします。ロスチャイルド家たち国際金融資本家と平和主義者/平和活動家の皆さまと部分共軛性を形成していただければ幸いですm(_ _)m



フランスのマクロン大統領が2022年~2023年にかけて、立て続けにロシア・中国を訪問し、終戦外交を行われました。これは、国際金融資本家健全化の必要性を痛切にお考えのフランス・ロスチャイルド家当主、ダヴィド・ロチルド卿の強い要請があったものと推察されます。同様に、ダヴィド卿は黄色いベスト運動に参加した労働者階級の方々に対する包摂も真剣にお考えです。これからはダヴィド卿の貢献もぜひ取り上げさせていただきます。何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m




日本が誇る頭脳、苫米地英人博士が提唱された「半減期通貨」。原資を国際金融資本として中/低所得者層に資産を還流するアイデアを故ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿がご模倣されました。国際金融資本家の健全化が市民の皆さんに認められたらあなたのおかげですm(_ _)m




すでに、集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪は、独裁志向を強めた国際金融資本家/グローバリストが開発・展開してきたことが分かっています。これに対し、被害者を当初に日本国内において助けたのは右派/国家主義者の方々でした。多元社会で多様なイデオロギーが交差する社会で、単一イデオロギーの独裁を防いでいかに他者と対話するかが故ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿の永遠の課題でしたm(_ _)m




2024年2月26日(月)にご逝去されたジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿に対し、家督相続に極大のご貢献をいただいた中国・ロシア・グローバルサウスの皆さま。次世代宗主のナサニエル卿が、共軛割合1/3の利益還元を約束させていただきますとのことです。その際には、TI被害者の国内同胞の一時県外機関もご許可いただければ幸いです。これからのご協力を楽しみにしておりますm(_ _)m




バラク・オバマ元大統領の温情でした。在日韓国人の方々に仲介を斡旋され、良好な関係を築かせていただきました。今、合計特殊出生率が0.70という国難にある状態で、日本と私自身のことにかまけてお助けできず誠に申し訳ございませんでした。どうか国際金融資本家の皆さま、健全化を韓国の方々、在日韓国人の皆さまをお巻き込みくださいm(_ _)m












坂本龍馬やマザー・テレサさんのように歴史に隠密的に行われた国際金融資本家の市民の垂直的な引き上げ。国際金融資本家の健全化の過程でこれを「見える化」しようという発想をジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿が抱かれました。私はそのご愛情を受けていることを公言させていただきます。ジェイコブ卿、国際金融資本家健全化の認証を勝ち取りましょうm(_ _)m








イーロン・マスクさんのXの議論でジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿がご導出。国際金融資本家と中国、ロシア、サウス・インターナショナルの共軛可能な共通項を、ひとつひとつ手探りで哲学的手法を用いて検討/模索すれば、お互いの戦争状態を解消することに繋がります。人類全体の知恵で分断と戦争を終結させましょうm(_ _)m




これまで、ロスチャイルド家、ロックフェラー家たち国際金融資本家は、血族の方々を各地域に展開し、それぞれの執行を行っていましたが、改革と贖罪の意を込めて、能力のある場合によっては貧困層の方を抜擢・登用するとジェイコブロスチャイルド卿。存命中のうちに、可能な限りの改革をと決意されています m(_ _)m




「インターネット社会の情報共有力と拡散力」、および「思考盗聴技術の発達」により、あらゆる秘密主義の組織体制が存続し得なくなったとジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿がご判断。公開する形で、新たな時代でどのようなロスチャイルド家、ロックフェラー家の存続体制があるべきかをご議論いただけますと幸いですとのことですm(_ _)m




結論から、新興宗教セクションの方々の、暴力による支配と集金を狙った、組織の腐敗かと思われます。新自由主義の展開の過程で独裁的な体制を構築するために国際金融資本家が開発/普及したのは事実ですが、新興宗教団体の暴走という結論がロスチャイルド家たち国際金融資本家の最終的な公式見解ですm(_ _)m



ロシアのウクライナ侵攻、イスラエル/ガザ紛争において、一時国際情勢は交信不能な状態に陥りました。ここでTI被害者が相互の共軛性を確認しながら国際関係を樹立しました。「交信可能な部分において、他者同士が相乗効果をもって情動を交換できることを示す概念」として哲学/現代思想にご活用できないかとジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿。何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m




アシュケナージ系ユダヤ人の最終的な解答として、相互侵犯のない多様なイデオロギーの適正な社会配置による共存共栄社会というのがジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿とその周囲の最終的な結論です。国際金融資本家が永続的に腐敗することがないよう絶えず緊張感を持ち続けていたいとのことですm(_ _)m












この記事だけ国際金融資本家の闇の側面に触れます。主に、敵対勢力からの政治的/軍事的侵略の防衛のために光/闇の暴力装置を絶えず稼働させておく必要があります。西側の体制維持を前提として、このブログで述べたことを最大限守らせていただきますとジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿。市民の皆様、何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m




結論から、ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿が、国際金融資本家が国家の財政再建を自立支援した前例をおつくりになりたいとのことで、グラミン銀行を基礎理念とした国家の財政再建自立支援を日本で先駆的に行いますとのことです。ジェイコブ卿は、我々国際金融資本家の信認国家で、分厚い中間層の実現もお約束されています。長い付き合い、何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m




結論から、宗教的信心を動機づけとして、生産行為に夢中にさせ、日本の国債返済に結び付けられないかとジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿。これによって、日本の財政再建が成功したら、創価学会や統一教会は名誉回復を行うことができるというウィンウィンの関係が形成されます。国際金融資本家の皆さんの最大の世界平和貢献の一環ですm(_ _)m




再びジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿が国際社会に光をもたらされます。言論を押しやられ、人権を喪失していたコロナワクチン被害者の方々に国際金融資本の皆さんが包摂を申し出られました。ワクチン開発と普及が人類貢献のために行われたという共軛性を頼りに、両者が解決に向けて協働していきますm(_ _)m










































































































当ブログで最も参照されている記事です。集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪を公にするには、思考盗聴技術の実態の周知が不可欠です。ご拡散いただけますと幸いです !!






















私は、デーブ・スペクターさんと中野信子さんを尊敬致しております。お二方も極めて知能指数が高い主要大学の教授ができる頭脳をお持ちで、これだけの闇を追及されているからです。これからの頭がいい方は「気骨の人」でなければなりません。ご協力、何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m

常井健一さん「小泉純一郎 独白」



国際金融資本家に一元的に財が環流するシステムだった過去の新自由主義を再構築し、日本のこの思想を体現・ご牽引されるのは小泉純一郎元首相・小泉進次郎元環境大臣をおいて他にございません。何卒日本の財政再建のためにもう一度お立ち上がりくださいm(_ _)m





苫米地英人さん「日本転生 絶体絶命の国の変え方」


天才認知学者・苫米地英人さんの渾身の日本社会への提言。日本の政治を国際的に分析し、どうしたら立ち直ることができるかを徹底的な分析を元に執筆されています。私の政策に大いに反映させていただきたいと存じます。これからもどうぞよろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m



ここで、2009年の村上春樹さんのエルサレム賞受賞講演「卵と壁」を引用いたします。「卵」のように脆弱な個人が、世界をコントロールする超越システムとしての「壁」とどのように調和を保つのか熟考させられます。陰謀への参与の嫌疑が晴れ、ご栄達を達成することを心より希望いたしておりますm(_ _)m



戦争、民主主義の後退、AIの登場、集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪... 人間が他者や他律的なシステムに支配されてしまう時代。現代ほど「自律主体」という言葉が空虚になってしまった時代はありません。それでも私はあえて西欧的なアプリオリ自律主体の復権を主張させていただきます。「自律主体」とその形成の物語が衰退した民主主義を復権する最大の神話になると信じているからです。志茂田景樹さん、生きる力を、ありがとうm(_ _)m



安倍元首相の銃撃の後、社会問題化したカルト宗教の被害者擁護のご活動を先陣を切って展開されている紀藤正樹弁護士。ぜひ我々TI被害者の国家不作為訴訟と加害団体の法的追求の顧問弁護士になっていただきたいです。命を狙われながら弱者の被害者の人権を守られるお姿、心の底から尊敬しております。何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m





















バイデン大統領、オバマ元大統領、お世話になりました ^^)



TI被害者を一番早く救出されようとしたのがバラク・オバマ元大統領でした。さらに、バイデン現大統領の任期の際に、報道もかなり進み、解決に期待が持てる状態になっています。被害者を引き上げていただいて誠にありがとうございました。問題が公になったらよろしくお願い致します m(_ _)m

小澤征爾さん、ありがとうございましたm(_ _)m



小澤征爾さんのご功績も末代まで語り継がれなければなりません。日本で民主党政権が誕生した際、TI被害者を救出するリスクあるサブリミナルメッセージの発出をこの上なく積極的に行っていただきました。戦争レクイエム、しかるべき時期に聴いて必ず記事を書かせていただきますm(_ _)m m(_ _)m




宮崎駿監督はタブーを克服され、国際金融資本家の真実と世界平和貢献を描写されました。故ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿の遺訓を描かれ、それはナサニエル卿に受け継がれていくことでしょう。リスク、大変お疲れさまでしたm(_ _)m












私は、ジャズでは、ハービー・ハンコックさんの「処女航海」が一番好きです。葛藤による「分断」により、長年聴いてこれませんでしたが、今集中的に聴かせていただいています。生涯にわたって愛聴させていただきます。偉大な芸術家に敬意を表させていただきますm(_ _)m

ありがとうございました ^^)







CHAGEさんとASKAさん、宮崎薫さん、桑田佳祐さん、宇多田ヒカルさん、山崎まさよしさん、中島みゆきさんには、強力な発信力で、TI被害者に多くのサブリミナルメッセージで強い励ましをいただきました。多大なリスクを負わせてしまって誠に申し訳ございません。いつか被害がなくなったらライブに絶対お伺いさせていただきます ^^)


橋下徹さん「異端のすすめ 強みを武器にする生き方」
"ambi-turner" は時代の改革者

20231208_橋下徹 異端のすすめ_小

大阪府の財政再建を真正な形で達成され、大阪都構想に尽力された橋下徹さん。私は日本の財政再建にこれほどふさわしい方はおられないと考えております。実際に事業改革を達成された方の金言は何よりも代えがたいものがあります。どうか我々TI被害者に考えをお授けくださいm(_ _)m




日本で政権交代後の民主党政権で幹事長に就任された岡田克也議員。手腕は高く、穏健な保守議員として尊敬を集めています。核密約と記者会見のオープン化は本当にあなたにしかできませんでした。どうかもう一度野党勢力で政権を獲得し、今度こそは総理になっていただきたいです。頑張ってください m(_ _)m



ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿が、日本の財政再建のためには、公益財団法人の売却など、公的セクションの整理が必要だと日本社会にご助言をいただきました。この役割に適任かつ実績がおありなのが枝野幸男議員と蓮舫議員です。事業仕分けを再び政策に盛り込んでいただければ幸いですm(_ _)m



「平和」への希求、これが政治家・原口一博さんの行動の原点です。複雑な幼少期のご経験で豊かな出会いにより卓越した人間形成を果たされ、現在では将来の首相候補と私は考えております。どうかTI被害者をその政治手腕でお救いください。よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m



TI被害者と同じ支配者層に戦いを挑むワクチン被害者のカリスマ、長尾和宏先生を私は尊敬致しております。草の根で懇々と患者の立場に立たれ、コロナワクチンの弊害を訴えられておられます。どうかご活動が安全かつご大成を迎えられることを心よりお祈りしておりますm(_ _)m




2019年の参議院選挙の際でした。れいわ新撰組の党首、山本太郎さんが創価学会を内部告発された野原善正さんを擁立し、演説で「集団ストーカー」の言葉を口にされました。このことにどれだけ我々TI被害者が助けられたでしょう。真正な共軛関係をもってお二方とはお付き合いさせていただきます。何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m




個人的に、長井秀和さんの勇気ある内部告発に、どれだけの勇気と希望をいただいたかという気持ちです。政治活動、ご大成をご安全をお祈りしております。どこかの時点でお会いできればと思っております。お互い生き延びましょう。応援しておりますm(_ _)m

Global TI Survey

元NSA職員による全世界のテクノロジー犯罪調査 "Global TI Survey"


アメリカNSAの元職員のWilliam BinneyさんとJ Kirk Wiebeさんが、全世界に向けて英語による集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪の調査を行うことになりました。ここでは、日本の皆さんに向けて、できるだけ分かりやすく英語での送り方を解説いたします。


Sonic Tools (iphone・ipad用 音・振動・磁界計測アプリ)


Rikki Systems Inc.さんが効果的な電磁波計測アプリを開発されました。我々のテクノロジー犯罪のマイクロ波パルスは素人に分析は不可能ですが、電磁波の強弱を計測して積み重ねることで将来の法的証拠になることが期待できます。ぜひご利用ください。



表題のように、宇宙際タイヒミュラー理論の望月新一教授のご業績が早期に国際承認されたのも、ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿たち国際金融資本家の皆さんの日本に対するご厚意だったのではないかと考えています。国際金融資本家の皆さんは、人類を進化させる事象に対して、積極的にご介入し、個人支援を行われます。このボトムアップとトップダウンの融和形態を永続的に続けていきたいとジェイコブ卿。頑張ってください ^^)












Please spread this fact !!

World Peace Fund established by the late Sir Jacob Rothschild

- Victims of our plot will to be conpensated from this Fund -


It seems that a Fund has been established to ensure that TI victims can carry out their international finance capitalists' soundness projects without a hitch. Late Sir Jacob Rothschild had said that victims of our plot should be compensated from this fund. Sir Jacob Rothschild's wish was for eternal world peace. I assure you that his last teaching will be taken over Sir Nathaniel and us, and that we will further accelerate the project to restore the soundness of international finance capitalists
m(_ _)m

Rothschilds Inheritance Project
- Major international project in sorrow -


Last October, the late Sir Jacob Rothschild's Nobel Peace Prize authentication about the soundness of international financial capitalists failed to materialise. He was already known that he would not have his own life expectancy until next year. The late Sir Jacob, who was extremely conflicted, devised this project. It was to connect the representatives of what could be called the brains of each country via neural connections, to create cutting-edge knowledge, and to pass on the generation to Sir Nathaniel Rothschild without the West being invaded by a third country m(_ _)m...

Reconstructing the Mythology of “The West”
- Mythology is the meta of philosophy -


With the last work of the late Sir Jacob Rothschild, a "philosophy" has been formed that is to be placed on top of all the disciplines that will shape the world for the next 50 years. All that remains is the formation of the topmost "Mythology" that will perpetuate it and drive the citizens. This will be the first collaboration between Sir Nathaniel Rothschild and myself m(_ _)m

Рекомендация обозначения 'Южный Интернационал'

关于 '南方国际' 名称的建议


Он был предложен Казухиро Харагучи, бывшим министром внутренних дел и коммуникаций, членом Палаты представителей Конституционно-демократической партии Японии. Здесь термин, включающий слово "глобальный", очень сильно противоречит их идентичности, поскольку они стали жертвами западной экономической экспансии во время распространения глобализма...

它是由日本立宪民主党众议院议员、前总务大臣原口和博提出的。包括 "全球 "一词在内的术语在很大程度上违背了他们的身份,因为在全球主义扩张时期,他们是西方经济扩张的受害者...

You all TI, Please work with Environmental Activists
- Greta Thunberg, I humbly ask your cooperation m(_ _)m -


Greta Thunberg, I have great respect for you. We will discuss the essentialness. As a TI victim, I am well aware of what it means for Greta, a Jew, to support Gaza. I have two requests to make to Ms Greta. One is that you will definitely live a long life. The second is that you must achieve the honour of the Nobel Peace Prize m(_ _)m...

The Trilemma of the Global Political System
- Globalism, Democracy and National Sovereignty -


Globalism, Democracy and National Sovereignty, We have found themselves in a trilemma relationship where if we try to establish two of these three, we have to give up the other one. Even the International financial capitalist regime of Democracy and Globalism has temporarily created a dictatorship. The late Sir Jacob Rothschild and Sir Nathaniel Rothschild's idea on that reflection... m(_ _)m

Art System in which International Financial Capitalists accept opinions from Citizens
- Mutual recognition of Charisma -


From now on, he want to revive the process of acclimatising society of the charisma formed at the request of the citizens and accepted by the international finance capitalists after the fact. The late Sir Jacob Rothschild's wish was to restore the golden democratic era to the West. In doing so, a romantic culture must flourish again, with well-educated citizens from a large middle class... m(_ _)m

Sir Jacob Rothschild

- Humbly, Please accept my gratitude for pulling me up -


Sir Jacob Rothschild found me on the brink of death and pulled me up. I can't hide my sadness at his passing. As I write this now, tears are flowing and my heart burst with grief. Please rest in peace m(_ _)m

Nobel Com to participate subliminal message effort
- Betting the prestige of humanity at stake in regulating -


I wrote this article on November 3, 2015, and since around this time the Nobel Committee has been participating in the subliminal message effort. I am posting here as an important record. I would appreciate it if you could form a partial conjugative partnership with international financial capitalists such as Rothschild family and pacifists/peace activists m(_ _)m

FR. Sir David Rothchild's contribution to world peace
President Macron’s diplomacy to end the war with great risks


On February 7, 2022, French President Macron traveled to Moscow, Russia, and held talks with President Putin to avert war. It was a meeting in which President Macron risked his life. Furthermore, President Macron visited China on April 6, 2023. He engaged in high-risk diplomacy to persuade President Xi Jinping to persuade President Putin to end the war. It is surmised that this was at the strong request of FR. Sir David Rothschild, as Rothschild Bank was about to be taken private, and restoring the reputation of international financial capitalists such as the Rothschild family was paramount...

Patent to the idea of "Half-life Currency" received from Dr. Tomabechi belong to the Rockefeller's
- Thanks to you when we can achieve the soundness of international financial capitalists -


His basic income theory for "Half-life Currencies" has received international attention.To put it simply, halve the amount of money circulating in the market, use that amount as the source of basic income, and eliminate the hopeless gap between rich and poor between mega-capitalists and middle- and low-income earners. m(_ _)m

Erich Fromm's “Escape from Freedom”

- A pluralistic society where anyone can become a dictator -


Here, the political ideology of the perpetrators in contemporary gang stalking / electronic harassment is found not to be that of nationalism with a dictatorship orientation, as was the case during the Second World War. Indigenous peoples and nationalists have been the target of purges here, on the contrary. It is considered to have started as an execution by dictatorship-oriented "Globalists" motivated by their desire for world domination.

Отдавая 1/3 в качестве соотношение сопряжения Китаю, России и Югу

向中国、俄罗斯和南方返还 1/3 的共轭比率


Сэр Джейкоб Ротшильд скончался в понедельник, 26 февраля 2024 года. Я хотел бы выразить благодарность всем сотрудникам Китай, Россия и Южный международный за их напряженную работу над наследством семьи Ротшильдов...


We must improve Korea's total fertility rate
- I apologize I couldn't help you until now -


I would appreciate if you, international financial capitalists, could help Korea and Koreans living in Japan become prosperous again by involving them in efforts to restore soundness. I have been occupied with personal and only Japanese matters. I am very sorry for not being able to think about Korea m(_ _)m...

Rothschild Family Aims to Mediate the Israel-Gaza Conflict - This is the general consensus among international financial capitalists as a whole -


As the title suggests, Sir Jacob, the current head of the Rothschild family has taken action in regard to this matter. Following his sincere dialogue with TI victims, however, Sir Jacob was able to recover, and promised to provide maximum financial assistance with a view towards ending the Israel-Gaza conflict...

The Rothschilds to Release Half of Their Assets to the Market Over the Course of 50 Years
- Recovering governance as capital letter -


International financial capitalists, such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers plan to release half of their assets gradually into the market over the course of approximately 50 years. In particular, this will be distributed to the middle/lower income classes. This will restore the golden age of democracy...

Shift to “Visible Hand of God”

- Slow decision-making will be complemented vertically by Internationa -


A democratic society in which slow decision-making has been exposed as a fatal defect. Democratic system will be strengthened if the vertical power of international financial capitalists which has been exposed recently, and introduced in an open manner and complements the social system formed along horizontal lines. Sir Jacob says let's change from Adam Smith's "Invisible hand of God" to "Visible hand of God.'' m(_ _)m...

Restoration of "Globalism"

- The Vision by Sir Jacob Rothschild for a new era -


Globalism was based on neoliberal ideology, and the principle was economic freedom by removing border walls as much as possible. Sir Jacob Rothschild corrected this himself. He carried out structural reforms of globalists in response to the desperate criticism of international financial capitalists during the Trump administration. This is now bearing fruit...

Towards a Society of Co-Prosperity to Interact With a Conjugated Commonality and Overcome “Otherness” - Philosophical dialogue that will resolve mutual division and war -


if we can examine or search one by one for a common denominator that can be conjugated between the international finance capitalists and China, Russia, and South International using philosophical methods, this will lead to the mutual extinction of war m(_ _)m...

Establishing Numerous Contact Points for International Financial Capitalists Around the World
- Selecting competent people who are not blood relations as proxies and subdividing governance -


Until now, with the spreading of the Rothschild family line around the world, the process of global governance has become ever more sophisticated. They have decided, therefore, to select and appoint non-blood relatives, such as myself, for the work of reforming governance. They say that the appointment of TI victims is also a means of seeking redemption m(_ _)m...

Gradual Lifting of the Closed System Around the Rothschild Family
- Judged to be unsustainable in a world where the Internet and mind reading technology has expanded -


Sir Jacob Rothschild analyzed the situation in response to this. The decision reached was that unless the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other international finance capitalists, the last of humanity's systems of closeness, were reformed, we would face instant extinction m(_ _)m...

The Responsibility for Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment in Japan - I regret to say that I believe this is the responsibility of those in the new religion section -


In conclusion, I believe that this is organizational corruption from those in the new religion section who are aiming to seize power and funding through violent means. You can consider this the official view of the Rothschild family and other international financial capitalists...

Sir Jacob Rothschild’s “Humanity Conjugation"
- Request to use the concepts of philosophy/modern thought -


Sir Jacob Rothschild has created a new concept of philosophy/ modern thought. This is called “humanity conjugation.” In conclusion, there is a request to use this in the field of philosophy and modern thought in terms of "a concept that indicates that unconnected people can synergistically exchange emotions with each other in areas where they are able to communicate.”...

The Sociology of Corruption
- The overriding concern of the group is the permanent survival of its family line -


The solution of the Ashkenazi Jews at this point is one of coexistence and coprosperity by arranging society and optimizing its structure in a way that prevents opposing forces attacking each other. Let’s take ourselves beyond the war-torn, divided society we currently face by harnessing the wisdom of humanity m(_ _)m

Humanizing International Financial Capitalists
- The awakening of Sir Jacob Rothschild -


Since the Trump administration, there has been a long period of time in which opposing forces have falsified the image of the Rothschilds and other international financial capitalists. In response to this, Sir Jacob Rothschild has keenly felt that “we must be effectively humanized.”...

Perpetual Education on Human Rights/Peace to be Provided to the Rothschild Heirs
- To form conjugacy with the Nobel Committee -


This is considered to encompass Sir Jacob Rothschild's desire to provide education on human rights/peace education to his family heirs as part of the process of his orientation toward making a contribution to world peace. From now, he would like to form conjugial relationships through the handling of events with international financial capitalists in terms of international honorary prizes, such as the Nobel Prize...

International Financial Capitalist Karma (=Sin)
- At times they appear doomed to have a dispassionate execution handed down upon them -


We, the international finance capitalists, are the guardians of the West. It is necessary to continually enforce the light/dark conspiracy, which includes idling. This is the karma (=sin) of the international financial capitalists. These can only be described as innate deeds...

Elimination of the Budget Deficit Through the Generous Independent Support of International Financial Capitalists - Collaborative effort between Sir Jacob Rothschild and Japanese society -


In conclusion, Sir Jacob Rothschild, through independent/autonomous support based on the principles of the Grameen Bank, will bring about fiscal restructuring through international financial capitalists, based on the sovereign state concept...

Converting the Religious Apparatus Toward Repaying National Debt
- An idea from Sir Jacob Rothschild himself -


The idea of Sir Jacob Rothschild is to see whether religious piety can be a trigger to make people obsessed with productive activity, which in turn could help to repay Japan’s national debt. This would create a win-win relationship in which, by successfully reconstructing Japan’s finances, the likes of the Soka Gakkai and Unification church could restore their good names...

Collaboration Between International Financial Capitalists and COVID Vaccine Victims
- The Pursuit of Genuineness in a Medical Conglomerate -


With regards to the titled matter, it has been decided that, under the jurisdiction of Sir Jacob Rothschild, international finance capitalists will look to include COVID vaccine victims through dialogue between TI victims and the COVID victims...

Mahatma Gandhi is a Victim of International Financial Capitalists - Failure to receive a Nobel Peace Prize during his lifetime due to being part of a nationalistic independence movement -


Simply put, despite his independence movement being a process that successfully paved the way for independence, the reason he was not selected for the Nobel prize during his lifetime is said to be that what he was confronting was effectively the economic domination of India by the Rothschilds and other international finance capitalists....

Directing of the Budget for Satanism to Victim Support

- Request of Sir Jacob Rotschild -


As indicated in the title above, there has been a confession by Sir Jacob Rothschild.When the Illuminati was converted to a charitable organization several years ago, the use of its business continuity fund was almost completely converted to use in projects for putting international financial capitalists on a sounder footing, such as TI victim relief projects...

Gustav Mahler’s “The Song of the Earth” - International financial capitalists shall not carry out economic, ethnic or political aggression against nation states -


Sir Jacob Rothschild has stated that international financial capitalist must not turn a blind eye. In simple terms, he wishes for China to allow international financial capitalists to provide financial assistance. It is their hope that the Chinese Communist Party, while retaining its ethnic political autonomy, can avail themselves of the support of international financial capitalists in its recovery...

Neuro Rights
- Inviolability of the Body and Mind of the Individual -


In April 2021, the Chilean National Assembly became the first country in the world to incorporate neuro rights into their constitution. The purpose of enacting this was the protection of human rights against the leaking of personal information, the alienation of individual freedoms, and receiving of mind control through irradiation by electromagnetic waves...

The Rothschild Family is Aiming for an Inclusive Society Where Nobody is Left Behind
- A return to the golden age of a large middle class -


The neoliberalist society brought about by globalism was a dictatorial hierarchical society led, at the top, by international finance capitalists, such as the Rothschild family. This was the reason for the global retreat of democracy. Reflecting on this, Baron Jacob Rothschild shall reinstate a system in which there is a large, highly educated middle class, for the smooth functioning of democracy...

Russia Has Greatly Contributed to the Soundness of the Rothschild
- An independent existence from international financial capital -


In conclusion, Russia, which is currently embroiled in a conflict with Ukraine, by intervening in the politics of the United States, mainly during the Trump administration, has contributed to the soundness of international finance capital, placing the Rothschilds at the top...

China are Participating in the Soundness of International Finance Capital
- Thank you President Xi Jinping -


Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the deal. In response to the recent proposal related to TI victims, China have agreed to participate in the soundness of the International Finance Capital....

International Finance Capital to Maximize the Utility of Human Happiness
- The Final Objective of the Rothschild Family -


As described in the title, the guideline for International Finance Capital action has now been determined. It is the utility maximization of human happiness...

Join the People and Think About the Future of the Nation

- Nations are no longer to be ruled by conspiracies -


We respect the independence of citizens, and it is our wish that the people and government will think together about how to manage the nation and promote the country.....

Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones
- Marking the end of the New World Order -


On July 6, 2022, the Georgia Guidestones of Elbert County, Georgia State, were deliberately blown up. They were removed by the authorities later that day. They were clearly destroyed on the instruction of Baron Jacob Rothschild, who is at the top of international finance capital. What this means is the agenda of international finance capital, and the end of the New World Order....

The Rothschild Family’s Compromise with China
- With the hope that the world will transition to a stable basis -


As the title suggests, the Western nations and China are looking to meet halfway, thanks to the decision of Sir Jacob Rothschild. The world continues to be divided by globalism and nationalism, and there have been concerns about the risk of war in some cases. In order to escape this stalemate, the U.S. side have initially made approaches to China.

Rothschild Family Also Support the Waiving of Vaccine Patent Rights
- France and EU give support, following on from America -


It is said that this decision is a result of the Rothschild family’s positive stance towards waiving patent rights. In particular, the French decision is said to strongly reflect this intention...

A Social Movement to Improve International Finance Capital
- Spreading the Ring Widely Around the World -


The proposal of Baron Jacob Rothschild is that these international finance investors are given one last chance to improve matters. He is encouraging the people of the world to organize together and form social movements, which will create constructive discussion that will lead to such improvements.

Changing the Illuminati into a Philanthropic Organization
- The Idea of Baron Jacob Rothschild has Come to Fruition -


Up to this point, Baron Jacob Rothschild has announced policies for permanently preventing the outbreak of wars in the future caused by the Rothschild family. On this occasion, additionally, he has expressed his aim of appealing for denuclearization and disarmament on behalf of the Rothschild family as a whole.

Rothschild Family Appeal for Denuclearization/Disarmament
- A new role required of giant financial capitalists -


As stated in the headline, we have achieved our final objective. The secret society built by the Rothschild family, which, at one time, wielded huge influence and plunged the world into a state of terror, has become a sound organization...

Rothschild Family to Finance Coronavirus Countermeasures
- Action partly from a desire for atonement -


As discussed in the title, the Rothschild family are to contribute a huge sum of money for measures to fight the coronavirus. Baron Jacob Rothschild is considering the preparation of huge sums of cash, as a measure to help poor people. The purpose is to save the lives of as many citizens as possible.

The Promise of the Rothschild Family
- In Exchange for the Survival of the Family -


As an apology for this, Baron Jacob Rothschild has promised that if the Rothschild family is allowed to survive for generations to come, they will work to bring about the following in a non-violent way. ...

The Rothschild Family are Taking the Lead in Heading off the Revival of the Illuminati
- Let us work together to prevent a new conspiracy -


As previously stated, the remaining resources of the illuminati, released by previous investors such as the Rothschild family, had been purchased by China. They are using them for their own conspiracies...

The International Financial Capital of the Jews has Been Withdrawn From Syria
- Jewish society is demonstrating a return to a new level of health-


Recently, the civil war in Syria is finally showing signs of ending, but, in conclusion, this is because the Jewish capitalists who desired conflict have withdrawn their capital....

Rothschild Family Now Able to Directly Finance the Victims of the Illuminati Crimes
- Developed as part of social contribution enterprise with a Japanese company -


As described in the title, the Rothschild family, who have until now invested capital in opposition to the Illuminati mainly through the media, have embarked on an action aimed at fast resolution. We would like to report at this time that they are now able to directly finance the victims...

Baron Jacob Rothschild is in an Extremely Painful Situation
- This is the road he has chosen. We would like to express our respect for this -


We have previously introduced the fact that it was the decision of Baron Jacob Rothschild that Jews take collective responsibility for these crimes. They are silently trying to atone for illuminati crimes without making any excuses. It is essential that we pay them respect for the safe resolution of Illuminati crimes. We would request everyone around the world to cooperate in extolling their virtues...

Things that can be Achieved by Jews Renouncing the Violence of the Illuminati
- This will have the effect of essentially changing the structure of the world -


I would like to discuss here what benefits can be brought to the world through the destruction of the Illuminati. It is believed that this will bring about a major change in the structure of the world such as bringing about true reconciliation between ethnic groups, and reducing global conflicts and wars. Please use this as a reference...

Final Conclusion of the Jews
- Vow to be a people that contribute to world peace -


Firstly, what was most important was reducing the bloated levels of capital owned by Jewish capitalists to a more appropriate level. This is sure to gradually lead to the Jews becoming a mild-tempered people without any awareness of being violent...

How Can We Prevent the Tragedy of the Illuminati Occurring Again in the Future ?
- The Internet literacy, in particular, hold the key -


On this occasion, I would like to discuss to what extent the reemergence of the Illuminati can be prevented in the future. Can we stop the secret society that has ruled the world for two centuries, from the shadows, from once again manipulating the history of mankind again from behind the scenes ? ...

A Military Victory Has Been Won Against the Illuminati
- America Have Developed an Electromagnetic Wave Radiation Network Technology Using Artificial Intelligence -


The parties working to achieve resolution in the decisive battle against the Illuminati in Japan have deployed a system to discharge electromagnetic waves on the network using artificial intelligence (AI). This has provided a way for the American army to neutralize an all-out attack by the illuminati in an extremely short period of time.

The Rockefeller family allowing a Pablo Picasso work to leave their hands is indicative of them making a clean break from the Illuminati
- Instructions from the late David Rockefeller -


As broadcast on the news, the Rockefeller family have put collectibles owned as part of their family fortune, such as Pablo Picasso’s “Young naked girl with flower basket” up for auction. This news has the following meaning....




China to hold talks with Baron Jacob Rothschild
- Toward joint resolution of the Illuminati problem -

As described in the title, it has been decided that Baron Jacob Rothschild shall hold talks with China as a state guest of Xi Jinping....

President Trump’s comments on Twitter made allusions to mind reading
- America is at the point of recognizing organized stalking and electronic harassment -


President Trump suggested in Twitter about electronic harassment and mind reading. After receiving a report from the Obama administration, President Trump became aware that they have mind reading technology. President Trump was unable to hide his surprise.

Possibility that the Trump Camp and Jared Kushner Suffered Mind Reading by the Illuminati

- Very likely that they are being targeted as they move forward with exposure -


As President Trump, therefore, progressed with the exposure of his political opponents, the Illuminati, the enforcement officers of the Illuminati may have carried out mind reading on Jared Kushner as reference information for the investigation...

About TI's damage

Gang Stalking -Based on statistics from JP NPO-

- Pursuing modern international organized crime (1) -


Gang stalking is harassment by organized people. It refers to intense harassment that does not violate various criminal laws, such as stalking, and is carried out under strong surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As shown in the graph above, the most reported damage is related to various kinds of stalking, and the types of damage are wide-ranging, such as home invasions and dumping of foreign objects. During periods when harassment is concentrated, these operations occur dozens to hundreds of times a day...

Electronic Harassment -Based on statistics from JP NPO-

- Pursuing modern international organized crime (2) -


To understand electronic harassment, we first need to understand sensory transmission technology. For example, suppose a person feels pain. Then, we irradiate the person with microwaves, analyze their brain waves, and collect data. Then, it converts and transmitted to match the target's brain waves. That way, perpetrators can make the target feel the same pain that the other person felt. Similarly, information from all five senses can be sent and received. This is based on the "Frey Effect (Microwave auditory effect)", a technology patented by the U.S. military that transmits audio only to a specific person...

Mind Reading

- We know the following from the experiences of victims up until now -


Mind reading is the technology for connecting to humans like mobile telephones, where the connecting human senses the sensations (thoughts) of the victim...

The NPO's Action

Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan
- The document submitted to Mr. Mendez of the UN -


Presenter: Terukatsu Ishibashi (The Chief Director of Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization in Japan)

Our vision

Rush to form international treaties for regulating gang stalking and electronic harassment
- Unless there is regulation at an early stage, there is no future for mankind -


From this year, there has been an increase in international interaction between victims. This signifies that this problem is becoming a truly international issue. On this occasion, we would like to explain about the objectives of us victims in relation to this problem...

Approach of this blog

To all of you in the international community
- Aiming for a resolution throughout the whole world -


This relates to the organized stalking and electronic harassment issue that is spreading around the whole world. With this blog, we have repeated observations aimed at its resolution over many years. On this occasion, I would like to explain the approach of Japan to all of you in the international community....

About the NPO

Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO
- Introduction to the victims organization in Japan -


The Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO is the NPO corporation that has officially recognized the damage caused by organized stalking and electronic harrassment in Japan. On this occasion, I would like to explain about this organization....












民主主義的価値観の押し付けでない、中国・ロシア・グローバルサウスの政治・経済圏でしか推し量れない平和の概念というものがあるかと思います。ジェイコブ・ロスチャイルド卿が独自の通貨圏の形成をお認めになられた今、中国にオルタナティブの平和賞を形成していただきたいです。習近平国家主席、ご検討、何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m





私が世界で最も尊敬している映画監督が、アンドレイ・タルコフスキー監督です。ロシアの方々の心の拠り所となってきたイコン画家のアンドレイ・ルブリョフの伝記映画を紐解かせていただきました。ロシアと西側が共軛性を保つTI被害者からの歩み寄りとして、プーチン大統領に教えていただきました。世界史に残る名画でした ^^)

ヴァレリー・ゲルギエフさんのマーラー6番 悲劇的



これからはヴァレリー・ゲルギエフさんのクラシックも私の課題曲とさせていただきます。プーチン大統領、ロシアの至高の芸術のご紹介、誠に有難うございます。快速のテンポでありながら重厚感が削がれていない演奏、極めて私の好みです。永続的に1/3ロシア・中国・サウスインターナショナルの国家指導者の皆さんに依拠させていただきたいと思います。何卒よろしくお願い致します ^^)





麻生太郎元首相は、日本において、ロスチャイルド家たち国際金融資本家の代理人として、彼らの健全化を事実上統括され、ご成功されました。その手腕に心の底から尊敬の念を抱いております。ここまで、誠にお疲れさまでした。どうか末永くm(_ _)m


岸田文雄首相、茂木敏充さん、ご協力何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m




岸田文雄首相、茂木敏充元自民党幹事長は最高の外交手腕を発揮されてこられました。また、麻生派・岸田派・茂木派の枠組みでTI被害者を守護していただきました。どうか新しい政治枠組みでもご協力をお願い致します。尊敬致しておりますm(_ _)m


亀井静香さん「永田町動物園 日本をダメにした101人」



個人的に、亀井静香さんには、人生を賭してTI被害者をお守りいただきました。その亀井さんが残された永田町の価値ある記録の書籍です。絶対にご存命中にお会いしてお礼を申し上げたいです。何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m


菅義偉前首相、二階俊博元幹事長、ご協力何卒宜しくお願い致しますm(_ _)m



お二方には親和性のある創価学会の健全化のために何卒ご協力をいただきたいです。中国の財政再建は国際金融資本家のアジェンダとさせていただきたいと思います。何卒よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m





故・安倍元首相は、日本の民族性を最大限に尊重され、防衛・外交に顕著な業績を残され、日本の自立/自律を維持された最後の気骨の総理だったのではないかと思います。私も一時期民族主義的な思想に傾倒していた時期がありますので、共軛性を感じます。何卒オールジャパンでお願い致しますm(_ _)m

Спасибо 谢谢你 QAJF

- Спасибо, Eri -



Некоторое время я работал в QAJF (Q Army Japan Flynn). Именно там мне спасли жизнь. Я хотел бы поблагодарить Эри, главу группы, за ее усердную работу. Пожалуйста, продолжайте наши взаимные супружеские отношения ^^)

我曾在 QAJF(Q Army Japan Flynn)工作过一段时间。它在那里救了我的命,我非常感谢 QAJF 的负责人 Eli。我期待着继续保持我们的合作关系 ^^)

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author : Masanori Kawasaki

I am one of the victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment crimes in Japan.


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集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪 被害記事まとめ









NPO Targeted Individual Japan





ACP 集団ストーカー犯罪(組織犯罪)防犯パトロール



内山 治樹

内山 治樹


2014/8/8 安倍幾多郎 (著)

こちらの書籍は、読ませていただいて、特にローテクの集団ストーカー行為について、おそらく日本の資料の中で最も優れていると思います。被害者必携の著書です。未購入の被害者の皆さんはぜひご購入を !!