Mind Reading

- We know the following from the experiences of victims up until now -
-Final revision date: April 11th 2018 (Wed) -


 On this occasion, we would like to explain about mind reading, which is the most severe example of the invasion of human rights from among the harm we currently experience. As we have previously stated, the technology that makes electronic harassment possible is referred to as the “Frey effect”. This is technology acquired by the U.S. army and, as described in Wikipedia, this involves transmitting voices to specific people that other people cannot hear.

 Here, we can imagine that if the sense of hearing can be transmitted then other senses could also be easily transmitted. In actual fact, it is possible to transmit all five senses and three desires. Human thought is also a type of sense. Mind reading is the technology for connecting to humans like mobile telephones, where the connecting human senses the sensations (thoughts) of the victim. This is possible by transmitting microwaves with certain characteristics. Although it is difficult to communicate the sensation of images and the like, the sensation of thought can be communicated clearly with very weak radio waves at long distances.


0_1. US Government Releases Documents on Remote Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Waves
0_2. Definitive Coverage of Mind Reading Technology
1. How does the perpetrator read the thoughts of the victim ?
 1-1. Possession and carrying of a remodeled transceiver
 1-2. Loading devices on ordinary vehicle batteries
 1-3. Loading vehicles on large-scale vehicles/residences
2. The true nature of harmful radio waves is microwave pulses
3. In recent years, there have been automated attacks using PC automatic analysis and artificial intelligence
4. Please do not excessively fear mind reading
5. Information leaks due to mind reading
6. When dialog is established between the perpetrator and the brain
7. There is starting to be coverage on mind reading
8. The ringleader of mind reading in the world is the Illuminati
9. The book “How to Tame a Demon” written by Professor Robert Duncan

0_1. US Government Releases Documents on Remote Mind Control Using Electromagnetic Waves

 As described in the tweet link described above, there has been an effective announcement on mind control and electronic harassment. This was actually mistakenly released by the US government but can be considered an effective certification that will assist in the early resolution of the problem. This was included in documents released on the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request by a US citizen, and describes the fact that the rewriting of people’s memories, reading their thoughts, causing pain, and forced orgasm, are possible using electromagnetic waves. This is just a quick report to apprise you of the situation. These facts are currently being reported by the world’s media and may lead to an acceleration in the resolution of the problem. Let us hope so!!

0_2. Definitive Coverage of Mind Reading Technology

 As described in the above link, it has been reported that the University of California in the United States has developed a device that can perform mind reading with 90% accuracy. It is not clear whether this is a contact or non-contact device, but even if it is contact, by using microwave radar waves, it is effective from remote locations. As a process of thinking of language, they have succeeded in turning voice information into text, and this is virtually the same technology as is used by in electronic harassment. In this way, we are nearly at the point where organized stalking/electronic harassment is given international coverage, and we would like to express our gratitude to those who have reported this.

 Additionally, this technology by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced on April 9th is also effectively mind reading technology. This is technology that reads our vocal thoughts before we converse, and this is contact-type. If microwave pulses are used, it is possible to read people’s thoughts from remote locations. It seems that this is already at the practical use stage. A bill for prohibiting mind reading needs to be passed at an extremely early stage. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the person who reported this as well.

1. How does the perpetrator read the thoughts of the victim ?

 Please refer to the diagram. This is carried out by people with devices emitting microwaves in the band used for electronic harassment. Based on our experience, there are three basic patterns.


(1) Possession and carrying of a remodeled transceiver
 My American friend told me about this. When electronic harassment occurs overseas, the harmful activity occurs by the transceiver being remodeled to emit electromagnetic waves in the microwave bands as output. This technology is simple, and is the reason for the spread of electronic harassment. A device covering several tens of meters is brought within a zone where it can establish the Frey effect with the victim, and perform harmful acts.

(2) Loading devices on ordinary vehicle batteries
 This is the most widely used method. By connecting an electromagnetic wave device to the vehicle battery, power is supplied, allowing the harmful actions to take place. As this covers a long distance(up to several km), the perpetrator can move and harmful actions performed wherever the victim moves.

(3) Loading vehicles on large-scale vehicles/residences
 Further, the perpetrators are committing powerful attacks. There are cases of connecting to vehicles in which large-scale batteries are loaded and connecting to the power in residences. This enables the electromagnetic waves to be discharged powerfully, and to cover several tens of km. Further, while mind reading can take place with weak electromagnetic waves, the intensity of electronic harassment is in proportion to the output, and in inverse proportion to the distance. Therefore, if electronic harassment takes place using these methods over very short distances, extreme pain is felt. In my case, I received an attack that gave a strong pain to my heart, to the extent that it changed the pulsations.

2. The true nature of harmful radio waves is microwave pulses


 Currently, the fact that mind reading and electronic harassment are possible using radar technology has been clarified by the American Technology Developer Professor Duncan. The cause of this discovery was the fact that a certain sound can be heard when radar at a specific frequency is irradiated on the human body. There are reports that this had already been discovered at the time of the Second World War.

 Therefore, if we suppose, for example, that a vehicle equipped with a mind reading device can send electromagnetic waves 5km ahead, then a person can be the victim of mind reading anywhere within a 5km radius. As shown in the figure, mind reading is possible within the circumference. To state this in easy-to-understand terms, this equates to the relationship between mobile telephones and base stations. Mobile telephones can be reached anywhere within the circumference of the effective radius from the base station. In the same way, with this attack, the electronic harassment device of the perpetrator synchronizes with the human body. Based on this, there is a connection between the senses of the operator and the victim, and a mind reading attacks are possible.

(As this is radar technology, Professor Duncan stated that by boarding a stealth fighter, it is possible to prevent exposure to radar. However, as this is military technology, it is not publicized, and it is virtually impossible for ordinary people to take such measures. )

3. In recent years, there have been automated attacks using PC automatic analysis and artificial intelligence

 The actual state of harmful actions is becoming clear through various reports. In the past, the operator made a direct connection with their own senses to read their thoughts in real-time, but currently, this is analyzed using a device.

 In concrete terms, sensory transmission technology is connected to a high-performance PC and the PC puts this into language form and records in real-time. In such a case, victims who are always at home are targeted, and the perpetrator for a specific home can automatically send electromagnetic waves. Even if they leave the house, this leaves a record in real-time. Human reading is considered to have already been introduced at this stage.

 Further, in the past, thoughts were read in real-time by connecting senses, and mind control was performed by returning words as a voice transmission. Nowadays, by reaching a certain level of artificial intelligence, it seems there is the harmful activity of automatically returning words. We have simultaneously entered the state in which machines automatically attack people and carry out mind control. Methods of gang stalking and electronic harassment are growing ever more sophisticated year by year, and becoming a huge threat to mankind.

4. Please do not excessively fear mind reading

 There is no complete method of preventing this mind reading. This is because the microwaves used in electronic harassment have such high levels of penetrability. For this reason, they cannot be prevented unless you are on a remote island or deep inside a tunnel. You can easily be the target of mind reading even if you are inside a concrete building. Further, water intercepts electromagnetic waves. As also stated below, in a mist sauna harmful electromagnetic waves are blocked and you experience your body feeling lighter. It may be good for victims to use water effectively. This mind reading has been prevented from becoming public by the taboos of the overseas Illuminati, and mankind has gotten hold of a forbidden technology that causes mankind to lose both human rights and privacy.

 However, harmful influences are extremely fearful of this problem being uncovered. Therefore, the only actual harm brought about by the individual information obtained through mind reading is use in the harmful activity of “insinuation”. In principle, there is the risk of listening in on the thoughts of business owners and carrying out insider trading, but recently there have been no such reports. There are also no reports currently of actual damage caused by the stealing of PC passwords and bank pin numbers. The perpetrators are not actually causing physical harm or damage, or murdering their victims. Harmful actions are virtually all being carried out with the aim of inflicting mental damage. Knowing this, there is no need to be unduly afraid.

 Of the damage we suffer, the ones most often appearing in damage statistics are wiretapping and voyeurism, but in fact there are very few cases in which wiretapping and voyeurism devices have been found. Nearly all relate to information leaks via mind reading. In the same way, PC information leaks are due to mind reading rather than viruses. This technology is also used when being tracked by gang stalkers. In this way, mind reading is being used in a wider range and more frequently for gang stalking and electronic harassment than previously thought.

 There have been reports by the Specified NPO Technological Crime Victims Network, which is a victims organization in Japan, of contractors receiving large-scale orders for the purpose of blocking electromagnetic waves for electronic harassment. However, nearly all reports state that even when paying several million yen to place magnetic shielding plates around the room, it has not been possible to prevent electronic harassment and mind reading. As stated by the Technology Developer Professor Duncan, there is currently no clear way of protecting against these harmful actions. It seems that, even in rooms commonly known as anechoic chambers, it is not possible to prevent against harmful electromagnetic waves. Please beware of such fraud.

5. Information leaks due to mind reading

 The most common harmful actions within our damage items involve having privacy exposed due to insinuation. This means being told by people passing by, having it written on Internet bulletin boards, or being told by news anchors and celebrities. These are currently known to be almost always resulting from information leaks due to mind reading.

 In principle, whatever the method of insinuation, the perpetrator must not expose information in a way that conflicts with the law. Information is always leaked through implicit means. This is not covered by current laws. Whichever way you look at it, you will receive mental damage, so it is necessary to take measures such as 1) avoiding going out if you are often the victim of insinuation from people passing by, (2) not looking at bulletin boards if things are written on Internet bulletin boards and (3) not watching television if things are said about you on television. Then, when you are in a comfortable physical and mental state, take notes and accumulate evidence on damage received.

 In case of focused harmful activities, the insinuation becomes overwhelmingly powerful through the use of these three methods. This time is the highest risk, and in the worst-case scenario, the victim may be put into a frenzy and admitted into a psychiatric hospital or driven to suicide. To prevent this, innovation is required to prevent being exposed to such harmful actions. Avoid, as much as possible, situations in which you will receive harmful activities. In addition, you should participate in a victims organization at an early stage. Interaction between victims will contribute the most to reducing the effects of mental damage. You can also take the approach of creating followers on Twitter and creating blogs also increases interaction between victims. If one can escape the sense of isolation, it is possible to hold up against this crime from a mental standpoint. You should definitely consider using such methods.

6. When dialog is established between the perpetrator and the brain

 This is the most dangerous mind reading attack. If the information obtained by mind reading is insinuated using the three methods described above it can be intercepted, but this can be directly spoken within the brain using voice transmission technology. It is impossible to guard against this. There are some victims who claim that their thoughts are connected with the perpetrators and they hear voices 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

 In this case, you should completely ignore what the perpetrator is saying. When you have the capacity, you should make notes regarding the damage. The perpetrator practices mind control using this method. For this reason, they continue doing this however much they are threatened. It is likely that one shall be made to believe mistaken information, so completely blocking this kind of information is the only way to continue leading an ordinary life.

 This is difficult, but possible if become accustomed to it. Long-term victims are all able to do this. If one can remove mind control, it is possible to lead an ordinary life. However, those who have a tendency to listen to what the perpetrators say, should participate in an NPO and listen to the stories of the victims. Look objectively at the damage they have suffered. I think that if you listen to what victims say, you will realize that what the perpetrators are saying is all lies. Connections between victims are a valid measure against such damage.

7. There is starting to be coverage on mind reading (coverage in Japan)

1)The Keizai Shimbun introduced U.S reporting on mind reading

2)WIRED magazine Methods of cracking the brain

3)The Nikkei Shimbun and NHK, Facebook are developing a device that inputs characters just by you thinking of them

 Although they are all written in Japanese, I hope you will use the three articles mentioned above as reference. The Keizai Shimbun and WIRED magazine articles state that the process in which humans receive stimuli and feel sensations is based on electrical signals, and by elucidating these patterns, there are cases where hacking and cracking of the human brain is possible. Further, the technological development of Facebook Inc. has shown that it is already possible to implant an electrode in the human brain and eavesdrop on language information. In the case of electronic harassment and gang stalking, mind is reading is possible from remote locations through the irradiation of microwave pulses. All that is left is to prove this. Since the start of this year, there have been a series of news articles related to mind reading. Let us hope that this is just the start.

8. The ringleader of mind reading throughout the world is the Illuminati

 The crimes of gang stalking and electronic harassment that we are facing are methods of obliterating ordinary citizens developed, as separate projects, by the Illuminati, a clandestine organization that originated in 18th Century Europe and infiltrated the U.S government from 1960. Mind reading is the source of the strength with which they have achieved soft world domination. Without exposing them, it is not possible to be safe from damage caused by mind reading in the world. In Japan, specific new world religious cults are conducting gang stalking/electronic harassment harmful activities based on mind reading, but it is no exaggeration to say that they are also currently under the control of the Illuminati. To expose them, it is necessary to expose the Illuminati.

The Source of Illuminati's Power is Mind Reading Technology
- Gang stalking and electronic harassment has developed throughout the world based on mind reading technology -

9. The book “How to Tame a Demon” written by Professor Robert Duncan

 The work "How to tame a Demon" has been written by Professor Robert Duncan, an electronic harassment technology developer in the United States. It is thought that the term “demon” implicitly suggests the organization perpetrating the harm to be a Satanic clandestine organization.

 In Japan, this work has been introduced within the NPO, and some of it has been translated. This is the only work for which current harmful technology and knowhow, only possible from a former technology developed, is published. I hope you can all use this as reference.



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当ブログで最も参照されている記事です。集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪を公にするには、思考盗聴技術の実態の周知が不可欠です。ご拡散いただけますと幸いです !!




イルミナティの世界支配の力の根源は、思考盗聴技術をベースにした集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪という見えない圧力です。この事実を世界に拡散してください !!





































Global TI Survey

元NSA職員による全世界のテクノロジー犯罪調査 "Global TI Survey"


アメリカNSAの元職員のWilliam BinneyさんとJ Kirk Wiebeさんが、全世界に向けて英語による集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪の調査を行うことになりました。ここでは、日本の皆さんに向けて、できるだけ分かりやすく英語での送り方を解説いたします。


Sonic Tools (iphone・ipad用 音・振動・磁界計測アプリ)


Rikki Systems Inc.さんが効果的な電磁波計測アプリを開発されました。我々のテクノロジー犯罪のマイクロ波パルスは素人に分析は不可能ですが、電磁波の強弱を計測して積み重ねることで将来の法的証拠になることが期待できます。ぜひご利用ください。


社団法人 全国集団ストーカー被害者連絡協議会の形成 厳格な会員審査を設けます






ACP 集団ストーカー犯罪(組織犯罪)防犯パトロール



2014/8/8 安倍幾多郎 (著)

こちらの書籍は、読ませていただいて、特にローテクの集団ストーカー行為について、おそらく日本の資料の中で最も優れていると思います。被害者必携の著書です。未購入の被害者の皆さんはぜひご購入を !!







私が京都大学で集団ストーカー犯罪を受けた起源 支援者の皆様のおかげで卒業できました







集団ストーカー・テクノロジー犯罪 被害記事まとめ



Please spread this fact !!

Russia Has Greatly Contributed to the Soundness of the Rothschild
- An independent existence from international financial capital -


In conclusion, Russia, which is currently embroiled in a conflict with Ukraine, by intervening in the politics of the United States, mainly during the Trump administration, has contributed to the soundness of international finance capital, placing the Rothschilds at the top...

China are Participating in the Soundness of International Finance Capital
- Thank you President Xi Jinping -


Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the deal. In response to the recent proposal related to TI victims, China have agreed to participate in the soundness of the International Finance Capital....

International Finance Capital to Maximize the Utility of Human Happiness
- The Final Objective of the Rothschild Family -


As described in the title, the guideline for International Finance Capital action has now been determined. It is the utility maximization of human happiness...

Join the People and Think About the Future of the Nation

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We respect the independence of citizens, and it is our wish that the people and government will think together about how to manage the nation and promote the country.....

Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones
- Marking the end of the New World Order -


On July 6, 2022, the Georgia Guidestones of Elbert County, Georgia State, were deliberately blown up. They were removed by the authorities later that day. They were clearly destroyed on the instruction of Baron Jacob Rothschild, who is at the top of international finance capital. What this means is the agenda of international finance capital, and the end of the New World Order....

The Rothschild Family’s Compromise with China
- With the hope that the world will transition to a stable basis -


As the title suggests, the Western nations and China are looking to meet halfway, thanks to the decision of Sir Jacob Rothschild. The world continues to be divided by globalism and nationalism, and there have been concerns about the risk of war in some cases. In order to escape this stalemate, the U.S. side have initially made approaches to China.

Rothschild Family Also Support the Waiving of Vaccine Patent Rights
- France and EU give support, following on from America -


It is said that this decision is a result of the Rothschild family’s positive stance towards waiving patent rights. In particular, the French decision is said to strongly reflect this intention...

A Social Movement to Improve International Finance Capital
- Spreading the Ring Widely Around the World -


The proposal of Baron Jacob Rothschild is that these international finance investors are given one last chance to improve matters. He is encouraging the people of the world to organize together and form social movements, which will create constructive discussion that will lead to such improvements.

Changing the Illuminati into a Philanthropic Organization
- The Idea of Baron Jacob Rothschild has Come to Fruition -


Up to this point, Baron Jacob Rothschild has announced policies for permanently preventing the outbreak of wars in the future caused by the Rothschild family. On this occasion, additionally, he has expressed his aim of appealing for denuclearization and disarmament on behalf of the Rothschild family as a whole.

Rothschild Family Appeal for Denuclearization/Disarmament
- A new role required of giant financial capitalists -


As stated in the headline, we have achieved our final objective. The secret society built by the Rothschild family, which, at one time, wielded huge influence and plunged the world into a state of terror, has become a sound organization...

Rothschild Family to Finance Coronavirus Countermeasures
- Action partly from a desire for atonement -


As discussed in the title, the Rothschild family are to contribute a huge sum of money for measures to fight the coronavirus. Baron Jacob Rothschild is considering the preparation of huge sums of cash, as a measure to help poor people. The purpose is to save the lives of as many citizens as possible.

The Promise of the Rothschild Family
- In Exchange for the Survival of the Family -


As an apology for this, Baron Jacob Rothschild has promised that if the Rothschild family is allowed to survive for generations to come, they will work to bring about the following in a non-violent way. ...

The Rothschild Family are Taking the Lead in Heading off the Revival of the Illuminati
- Let us work together to prevent a new conspiracy -


As previously stated, the remaining resources of the illuminati, released by previous investors such as the Rothschild family, had been purchased by China. They are using them for their own conspiracies...

The International Financial Capital of the Jews has Been Withdrawn From Syria
- Jewish society is demonstrating a return to a new level of health-


Recently, the civil war in Syria is finally showing signs of ending, but, in conclusion, this is because the Jewish capitalists who desired conflict have withdrawn their capital....

Rothschild Family Now Able to Directly Finance the Victims of the Illuminati Crimes
- Developed as part of social contribution enterprise with a Japanese company -


As described in the title, the Rothschild family, who have until now invested capital in opposition to the Illuminati mainly through the media, have embarked on an action aimed at fast resolution. We would like to report at this time that they are now able to directly finance the victims...

Baron Jacob Rothschild is in an Extremely Painful Situation
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We have previously introduced the fact that it was the decision of Baron Jacob Rothschild that Jews take collective responsibility for these crimes. They are silently trying to atone for illuminati crimes without making any excuses. It is essential that we pay them respect for the safe resolution of Illuminati crimes. We would request everyone around the world to cooperate in extolling their virtues...

Things that can be Achieved by Jews Renouncing the Violence of the Illuminati
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Final Conclusion of the Jews
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Firstly, what was most important was reducing the bloated levels of capital owned by Jewish capitalists to a more appropriate level. This is sure to gradually lead to the Jews becoming a mild-tempered people without any awareness of being violent...

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US-North Korea Summit Achieved Through Restoration by Jewish Investors
- Their influence on the history of mankind has surpassed that of nations -


Until now, the Jewish investors, the sponsors of the Illuminati, have not desired peace. Conciliation between America and North Korea, which was not recognized during former President Obama’s term of office is now being recognized due to the restoration brought about by Jewish investors....

Never Commit Hate Crimes Against the Jewish People
- This will endanger the resolution of the Illuminati Problem -


Currently, the only approach to securing world peace is the pragmatic one of President Trump. In exchange for the safe resolution of the Illuminati problem, we must promise to reduce feelings of hatred towards the Jews and minimize their sacrifice...

Expression of Gratitude to All of the Jewish Investors
- Jews as a whole have started to compromise with the anti-Illuminati movement -


Problem resolution has not progressed well over the past month. The majority of the remaining Jewish investors supported the Illuminati, allowing them to continue with their plots. We are pleased to report that, in response to this, Baron Jacob Rothschild was successful today in persuading them against this course....

The Rothschild Family to Provide Compensation for the Crimes of the Illuminati
- Baron Jacob Rothschild has made such a decision -


Baron Jacob Rothschild has decided that the Rothschild family shall pay damages to compensate for all of these crimes and plots by the Illuminati. The Rothschild family will have their assets forcibly eroded, and the Rothschild family have accepted this over many centuries.....

The Decision of President Trump is an Approach to Promote Action in the Jewish People
- Jerusalem proclaimed to be the Israeli capital -


The reason for this decision is so that he can propose a deal with the Jewish people to effectively resolve the issue of the Illuminati....

A Military Victory Has Been Won Against the Illuminati
- America Have Developed an Electromagnetic Wave Radiation Network Technology Using Artificial Intelligence -


The parties working to achieve resolution in the decisive battle against the Illuminati in Japan have deployed a system to discharge electromagnetic waves on the network using artificial intelligence (AI). This has provided a way for the American army to neutralize an all-out attack by the illuminati in an extremely short period of time.

The Rockefeller family allowing a Pablo Picasso work to leave their hands is indicative of them making a clean break from the Illuminati
- Instructions from the late David Rockefeller -


As broadcast on the news, the Rockefeller family have put collectibles owned as part of their family fortune, such as Pablo Picasso’s “Young naked girl with flower basket” up for auction. This news has the following meaning....

Mind Reading

- We know the following from the experiences of victims up until now -


Mind reading is the technology for connecting to humans like mobile telephones, where the connecting human senses the sensations (thoughts) of the victim...

The Source of Illuminati’s Power is Mind Reading Technology

- Gang stalking and electronic harassment has developed throughout the world based on mind reading technology -


This article fully uncovers why the Illuminati are capable of exercising world dominance. Now is the time for the whole world to overcome their taboos. People of the world, be sure to spread this truth!

Successfully reported about Illuminati !!

Ronald Bernard exposes the internal affairs of the Illuminati

- the actual state of the Illuminati continues to be exposed -


Mr. Ronald Bernard, creator of a Dutch financial institution, has withdrawn from the Illuminati and has published a video exposing the internal affairs of the Illuminati. Please refer to the YouTube video...

De facto report about the Illuminati

- Nicole Kidman is witness to an indictment by the late director, Stanley Kubrick that may have cost him his life -


We can see that in this movie, the director, through his depiction of what is thought to be a satanic ritual, was trying to desperately communicate to the world the truth about the Illuminati...

Thank you, President Trump !!

President Trump’s comments on Twitter made allusions to mind reading
- America is at the point of recognizing organized stalking and electronic harassment -


President Trump suggested in Twitter about electronic harassment and mind reading. After receiving a report from the Obama administration, President Trump became aware that they have mind reading technology. President Trump was unable to hide his surprise.

Possibility that the Trump Camp and Jared Kushner Suffered Mind Reading by the Illuminati

- Very likely that they are being targeted as they move forward with exposure -


As President Trump, therefore, progressed with the exposure of his political opponents, the Illuminati, the enforcement officers of the Illuminati may have carried out mind reading on Jared Kushner as reference information for the investigation...

-May 29, 2017-

The NPO's Action

Covert Harassment and Overt Harassment in Japan
- The document submitted to Mr. Mendez of the UN -


Presenter: Terukatsu Ishibashi (The Chief Director of Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization in Japan)

-October 21, 2015-

Our vision

Rush to form international treaties for regulating gang stalking and electronic harassment
- Unless there is regulation at an early stage, there is no future for mankind -


From this year, there has been an increase in international interaction between victims. This signifies that this problem is becoming a truly international issue. On this occasion, we would like to explain about the objectives of us victims in relation to this problem...

-June 7, 2015-

Approach of this blog

To all of you in the international community
- Aiming for a resolution throughout the whole world -


This relates to the organized stalking and electronic harassment issue that is spreading around the whole world. With this blog, we have repeated observations aimed at its resolution over many years. On this occasion, I would like to explain the approach of Japan to all of you in the international community....

-May 30, 2014-

About the NPO

Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO
- Introduction to the victims organization in Japan -


The Technological Crime Victims Network Specified NPO is the NPO corporation that has officially recognized the damage caused by organized stalking and electronic harrassment in Japan. On this occasion, I would like to explain about this organization....

-June 4, 2014-









author : Masanori Kawasaki

I am one of the victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment crimes in Japan. I am a graduate of Kyoto University.


My twitter ⇒ @masa_kawasaki




NPO Targeted Individual Japan



(ベルリンの国際会議 2015年10月)